I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

— Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826

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Voluntaryists take on the tasteless TSA tormentors

Jaime Sherman, the mastermind behind the Voluntaryist ventures, has been busily storyboarding what he's calling his cartooning crew's "most daring adventure yet!"- "Voluntaryists VS. the TSA!" His current Flash Mob money-raising movement just commenced and he fancies financial favors from his faithful fans!

You know who the enemy is. The Transportation Security Administration, The Traveler's Stress Aggravators, The Touchy-Squeezy Abusers, staffed by a raft of Gratuitous Gropers, Feckless Feelers, Mocking Molesters, Supercilious Searchers and Offensive Fondlers.

In exchange for your pocket change – and more prodigious pledges of pecuniary patronage – served up in support of the Voluntaryist Comic Series here's some of the swag you can snag:

$1 to $150 – Contribute a buck to 150 simoleons and bag a bunch of benefits from bumper stickers to buttons to PDFs to wallpapers to real hold-in-your-hands comic books to back issues to signed issues to multiples of all the above and even more below. One new cool catch comes for as little as...

$30 – Get a newly created Voluntaryist Chibi character in digital format plus other perks.

$200 – Libertarians who need a little comic relief for their contribution can become a "paper statist" by getting turned into a drawn-out TSA agent or police officer! Other extras also apply.

$300 – This gets you one of these unique Voluntaria or AnCat action figures crafted by the gifted Nathan Essex of Sinister Customs, plus other goodies as well. Or... Become an Ad Sponsor and get a half page PG rated comic book ad.

$400 – Make it big in the comics by becoming part of the action! Have yourself caricaturized and make a prominent appearance in a crowd scene inside the Voluntaryist comic. Get other windfalls as well.

$500 – Choose your favorite Voluntaryist character and get a unique hand-painted sculpture in glorious detail along with other bonuses.

$600 – Be a superhero! Now you can make the cover of this comic as an illustrated character with guns a-blazin'. Includes a personal print copy and other perks too!

Send a fin, a fifty or five hundred faux folding federal financials – or more – and watch for the release of Voluntaryists Versus the TSA.

Get all the details for these and other returns on your remuneration at the Voluntaryist Indiegogo Campaign Page.