Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.

— H. L. Mencken, 1880-1956

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Politicized climate change and the libertarian solution

"Today only a small minority of scientists challenge the mainstream conclusion that the earth is the center of the universe" – imagined quote from Medieval Catholic Pope.

In both cases above, nonconformist naysayers get attacked and marginalized. If Karl Ritter had written anything else he wouldn't be working for AP today. In short, the whole discussion about climate change isn't about science, it's about political ideology.

Unless you, yourself, personally, are a climate scientist you don't know what the science actually is. Every scrap of information that comes to the rest of us in the rest of the world has passed through a series of scientific, academic, journalistic, political, bureaucratic and ideological gatekeepers after having been "peer reviewed" to tell us what The Gatekeeper Class wants us to believe for their own benefit.

The science has been thoroughly hijacked. It's now all about favors, influence and billions if not trillions of taxpayer dollars circulating back and forth amongst politicians, bureaucrats, researchers, scientific institutions, universities, banksters and multinational enviro-corporatists working toward the same eternal goals: The acquisition and manipulation of power, influence, control, wealth, and egos.

The simplest clue is this: Why does the "solution" to climate change align perfectly with the Euro-North American groupthink socialist-collectivist ideology of One World Government under a massive United Nations bureaucracy? Is there any wonder that the division between belief and disbelief about climate change splits almost perfectly along the ideological fault line between the left-liberal right-conservative political spectrum?

It explains why the "solutions" to climate change are always taxpayer subsidized "solutions."

Imagine an alternative universe in which a libertarian society held sway and was convinced that climate change was a looming menace to life on earth. What would the solutions be then?

Libertarians understand that all knowledge is diffused throughout society, not vested solely in a self-serving Kleptocratic ruling class. A BBC series from 1978 called "Connections" explained how this works. Human history changes in multiple and unpredictable ways via technology, religion, finance and other factors rather than by the conventional linear narrative put forth by our self-declared gatekeeping class.

For example, in the episode "Thunder in the skies" scientist James Burke explains how the Little Ice Age in the 13th century created colder winters in Northern Europe. Thus warmer buildings were erected which lead to the development of plaster walls, indoor plumbing and glass windows. From there Burke documents a long, complex, convoluted series of innovative individuals – not vainglorious rulers – appropriating new ideas from someone else's field and applying them to their own fields which, step by inexorable step, eventually lead to the jet airplane.

Assuming climate change is real, THAT would be the libertarian solution, and it would be the collectivist left rejecting climate change with the conservative right calling them global warming skeptics and climate change deniers.

The real solution to any real climate change is unfettered freedom from coercion-based control-freak central planners.