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Government, not 'gun culture,' is America's most violent culture

Ever since the Connecticut massacre of innocent children politicians have been posturing about ending the "Gun culture" that "glorifies gun violence."

But libertarians know that the single most violent institution in the world today is the United States government.

So does that mean politicians will end our "glorification of gun violence" by ending our senseless wars and our obsessive empire building?

Does that mean bringing our armed-to-the-teeth troops home from places like Germany and South Korea and other countries around the world where they're stationed for no good reason other than to intimidate the local people?

Does that mean we'll pull CIA operatives out of countries where they're assassinating leaders and overthrowing governments and forcibly effecting regime change?

Does that mean we'll ground all the armed drones in third world countries where they can launch missiles against unarmed wedding parties and funeral mourners?

does that mean we'll put an end to the ever growing "gun culture" at home represented by the expansion of the police state with its militarized local police forces and its militarized Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) teams and its militarized Drug War that puts more nonviolent people in prison than any other country in the "free" world" and then demand an end to TSA groping and identification checkpoints and warrantless spying?

Absolutely everything government does begins with the forced collection of money from its own citizens, called taxes, with the fear of the gun forever lurking in the background as a threat to noncompliance and used ruthlessly whenever necessary.

But it's not just gun violence that makes America violent. Rek LeCounte, writing in Huffington Post, claims "more than 90 percent of reported violence in America has nothing to do with guns."

So if people want to ban the "cause" of violence how about banning the Bible, the ultimate "Culture of Violence."

War, rape, torture, murder, incest, human sacrifice and mass slaughter are virtually everywhere. God himself keeps killing off whole tribes of people because they're not his favorites. He burns two cities to the ground because the people are wicked. Except for a single family he exterminates every human being on the face of the earth with a worldwide flood.

But of course Bibles, like guns, don't kill people. People kill people.

So maybe we don't need to end the "gun culture" to end violence, we just need to end "government culture."