In many ways the saying “Know thyself” is lacking. Better to know other people.

— Menander, 342-292 B.C.

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Debunking the Daily Kos anti-libertarian bunkum

When a writer like "arendt" at Daily Kos gets the most fundamental premises of his nearly 3,000-word harangue-plus-addendum against libertarianism so utterly wrong you know there's no sense reading all the way to the end since conclusions based on false premises are virtually guaranteed to be just as false.

His article is about the rejection of "our techno-libertarian overlords." He identifies them in his First False Premise both in the article's title and in his commentary: "We need to stop the billionaire elitist radicals who want to replace democracy with corporate feudalism and techno-elitist domination."

Libertarians want to replace democracy since democracy is just a codified system of mob rule, but they want to replace it with a free society, not with "corporate feudalism" and certainly not with domination, "techno-elitist" or otherwise, since that wouldn't be freedom.

Second False Premise: "I have never read something as repulsive as the pontifications of the community of extreme techno-libertarians funded by uber-libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel. It is Charles Stross without the last shred of humanity."

Charles Stross states on his own blog, "I'm definitely not a libertarian." (His emphasis.) If arendt hates "extreme techno-libertarians" why is he channeling non-libertarian science fiction writer Stross?

Third False Premise:"... government is designed to be fair, not efficient."

This is typical of people who claim, as arendt does, to be a "person who believes in democracy." All governments worldwide and throughout history are designed to benefit the power, wealth and ego lusts of the very ruling "1%" that arendt professes to hate. Every other description of government is a myth to sucker people like arendt.

Fourth False Premise: "libertarian rhetoric ceases to be about changing government by legitimate political means and comes to be about destroying government by de-funding and privatization, to be about drowning it in a bathtub, to being about letting it "wither away".

The bathtub-drowning comes from a so-called "Libertarian-leaning" Republican; the rest is non-coercive libertarianism. Governments are never created "by legitimate political means," including the US government since its Constitution was written by people who were only authorized to amend the Articles of Confederation and nothing more. All governments, being the power structure most favored by the psychopathic 1% ruling class, are never "legitimate," politically or otherwise.

Fifth False Premise: "It's time to draw a line between Libertarianism and Corporatism." arendt needs to get out more. Libertarians explicitly reject corporatism because corporations are nothing more than government-legislated appendages of government. They are deeply in bed together. There is no room for either governments or their corporations in the true post-statist libertarian laissez-fairesociety of free minds and free markets.

But arendt's rant just goes on and on. Anti-libertarians who haven't a hint about what actually constitutes libertarianism are so easily refuted it almost isn't worth the effort. Writer arendt is in dire need of self-education.