Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen.

— Mort Sahl

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Chicken salad economics and the ghettoization of America

But taxes, libertarians know, are the skim the "civilized" ruling classes take from the ruled classes to maintain their ostentatious lifestyles and to keep the "uncivilized lower classes" in their place. Taxes, and the convoluted web of laws, licensing, certifications, codes, ordinances, regulations, restrictions and other endlessly insurmountable governmental hurdles guarantee that the poverty-stricken remain poverty-stricken.

While the middleclass are nothing more than tax fodder to the ruling classes the poor are nothing more than social welfare fodder. The more poor there are the more government welfare bureaucracies there are; the more bureaucracies there are the more politicians can reward their crony supporters with bureaucratic appointments; the more civil service employees there are the more union dues get paid into the pockets of the union bosses who support the politicians; the more taxes grow to support the system the more middleclass taxpayers get sucked down into the welfare system's ghetto economy.

Cara Schulz, Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, wrote about her experiences with the government poverty juggernaut and how chicken salad almost helped her escape it.

She relates how, as a divorced mom with a young child and no job her friends convinced her to make a business out of what she did best: make and sell her "insanely delicious" chicken salad sandwiches.

Since there's no right to work in America today without begging permission from the ruling classes Schulz did her homework. It's illegalto make and sell food commercially in a home kitchen and she couldn't possibly afford a required special licensed commercial kitchen. Fortunately her church had one and they let her use it free.

Obeying all the laws thrown at her she made her sandwiches and sold them at the local coffee shop and to factory workers on their break. She was making a profit, didn't need to pay for daycare and was ready to expand her business and hire a helper.

The ruling class shut her down because she was selling her sandwiches from coolers in her car. Code requires her to have an impossibly expensive RV style commercial food truck.

Cara Schulz was lucky. Eric Garner was selling individual cigarettes, known as "loosies," on a New York City street and the cops killed him for it. Selling loosies means that the ruling classes can't collect their pennies worth of tax skim.

America's entire "civilized society" is utterly corrupt from top to bottom. The cops, as corrupt as the rest of the system, are just the shock troops for the ruling classes. If Oliver Wendell Holmes had a conscience he should be spinning in his grave about now.