Bill of Rights

Students For Concealed Carry On Campus (SCCC) Endorses Georgia HB 915, The "Second Amendment Protection Act of 2008"

On April 16, 2007, twenty-seven students and five faculty members at Virginia Tech lost their lives to a madman who possessed one distinct advantage over his victims—He wasn't concerned with following the rules. Undeterred by Virginia Tech's status as a "gun free zone," this mentally unstable individual carried two handguns onto the university campus and indiscriminately opened fire.

Over the last quarter-century, the vast majority of the mass shootings in America—from the recent shooting at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, to the 1984 San Ysidro McDonald's massacre—have occurred in "gun free zones." Though labeling an area "gun free" may make some people feel safer, feeling safe is clearly not the same as being safe.

Will the Light go on for Joseph Farah? Please God, we need a miracle !

In case you wondered why the shrill tone of the punditry is rising right now they are egging you on to continue the same freedom destroying patterns they set in motion a generation ago. "You go fight the LEFT - ENVIRONMENTALISTS - FEMINISTS - THOSE GUN NUTS - CRAZY CONSTITUTIONALISTS. That is so we don't notice they are picking our pockets. Time for Coalition.

Libertarians, Old Guard Vs. New Blood, Fight at Eleven

Many of the old guard libertarians just don't get it. Ron Paul isn't an “Us vs. Them” internal libertarian / conservative republican fight, it's a:

Holy Crap! We're damn near Toast!

Is there ANY one we can support or even marginally get behind that will at least slow the United States slide into a drooling Hitler dreamscape of Big Brotherism?

Because I don't know about you, but I only see two options on the table. 1) Fight like hell, and 2) Get the fuck out.

Doing Nothing is Suicide

If you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or any affiliation in between, go read this article. Not because of the feud and division Tom is starting between long time people who desire liberty, but because L. Neil Smith so eloquently states why everyone, who minds being unjustly jailed or killed, should gather behind Dr. Ron Paul's bandwagaon and push just as hard as you can, right now.

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Can Government be Limited?

If it is necessary to limit government, then perhaps we cannot have government. It is after all a "monopoly on the use of force in a given geographic area." Everyone has to deal with it. Therefore if what we need, as human beings, liberty and agencies to protect that liberty, government is the worst way of trying to provide them. We need a polycentric ordering of society, not a single power.

President of the United States for a Day

Class: Sociology 203
University Mandated Assignment
Due Date: 4/15/2029

Assignment: Discuss the sociological ramifications of the Presidential Lottery held on November 7, 2007.

Additional Class Notes: As you know, the Presidential Lottery was never held again, due to the public outcry. You may use as reference the still small minority who continue to try to re-introduce the Presidential lottery. If you do, be prepared to analyze in depth the claims that the actions of that day are the only thing that allowed our country to (using their language) “turn back from the slide into a Nazi type Fascism so prevalent among the ruling class at the time.” And unless you can provide incontrovertible proof that Mr. Bush, or anyone for that matter, survived the destruction at the old Verizon Center, please don't regale me with your fantasies they are living on a Tropical Island. The attached diary entry may be used to compare and contrast what officially happened, to what did happen, and to what was planned.

As per University rules, the best paper on campus will be printed in the University Times.

Announcement Mystery Topic Challenge #4

The topic for Mystery Topic Challenge #4 is:

If you were President/Prime Minister for a day, with the power to do absolutely anything (Supreme Court? What Supreme Court?), what would you do and why?

Blackstone, China, and the end of the world as we know it: Get Ready

The hyperinflation is on the way; the economy is folding up and dying; the CorporaElite and on their way to their retreats. And freedom is within our grasp. The Second Coming will be very different that George W. expects. Driving profits will also drive us home to peace, prosperity, unity, and the original vision for America.

Phyllis Schlafly Exposed: Part 2 on the NeoCons

By the late 50's she knew that it was not Communist that America needed to fear, it was the multinational corporations. The job she took on, keeping other women down, paid well. The people paying her were - the corporations.

The Tipping Point – Taking Back America

Today the police state gallops closer by the moment as Americans worry about how to keep their mortgages paid and watch the horizon of fear creep ever closer to home. It is time to step off the grids to freedom.

Introduction of the Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Madame Speaker, I rise to introduce the Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act. This bill requires Congress to specifically authorize via legislation any proposed federal regulation that will impose costs on any individual of at least $5,000, impose costs on a business or other private organization of at least $25,000, impose aggregate costs on the American people of at least $250,000, or cause any American to lose his or her job.

Pros and Cons of Real ID?

Another day, another search phrase that boggles the mind...

Phrase: “Pros and Cons of Real ID” [Google, second results page, 2 results*]

Okay, so maybe I'm getting on my high horse a little ahead of schedule, maybe someone just wants to know more about how bad things could be under what the Hitler, Nazi dream the REAL ID act accomplishes. Somehow I doubt it, but hey, lets take it as a real fact finding mission, because even though many of the US States have told the Feds. to piss up a rope on the Act, the NeoCon control junkies just reinvented it by using Social Security cards as the “Your Papers, Please” of the new American era. Summed up nicely by Butler Shaffer:

Signing Statements Erode Constitutional Balance, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Recently, the General Accounting Office studied nineteen instances where the President issued so-called “signing statements.” In such statements, the President essentially begins the process of interpreting legislation – up to and including declaring provisions unconstitutional—hence often refusing to enforce them.

The GAO study found that in nearly 1/3 of the cases studied, the administration failed to enforce the law as enacted. This approach is especially worrisome for several reasons.

First, these signing statements tend to move authority from the legislative branch to the executive, thus upsetting our delicate system of checks and balances. Next, these statements grant the President power not given by the Constitution, allowing him to usurp powers of the judicial branch. Finally, the idea of agencies refusing to enforce the law as enacted sets precedent for the type of run away administrative actions our constitution was expressly enacted in order to avoid.

Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade and Technology Remittance Hearing, by US Rep. Ron Paul

It is clear to most people that remittances provide a significant economic boost to many South American and Latin American countries. Remittance flows to some countries dwarf foreign direct investment and foreign aid and have a beneficial effect on economic development, enabling low-income families to better their situations. The effect of remittances on development showcases the beneficial effects of market-based interaction to improve peoples' lives.

Statement on NICS HR 2640, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to H.R. 2640, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act, and I urge caution.

In my opinion, H.R. 2640 is a flagrantly unconstitutional expansion of restriction on the exercise of the right to bear arms protected under the Second Amendment.