Book Review - Crossing the Rubicon

Motive, means, and opportunity

Crossing the Rubicon
Michael Ruppert
New Society Publishers, 2004
594 pages

The general public and mainstream media normally consider the phrase "leading conspiracy theorist" an epithet.  Nonetheless, Michael Ruppert, as a leading conspiracy theorist of our time, will someday be awarded a journalistic badge of honor for his insights.

Crossing the Rubicon deals with the meta-conspiracy of political power under which the West, particularly the United States, has been shackled arguably since 1937.  That is the year in which the New Deal succeeded in using the taxing powers of the government to destroy the farmers (The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act)—the wood and petrochemical industries, esp. Hearst and Dupont, were chief beneficiaries of this protectionist legislation—and to remove any possibility of armed resistance (The 1937 Machine Gun Tax Act).(1)

Let’s define conspiracy as a close-knit, organized secret or deceitful activity to achieve an objective.  As kids, my brother and I conspire to deplete the cookie jar by creating a distraction so Mom looks the other way.  On a larger scale, we can see conspiracy is politically commonplace.  Usually the end of political conspiracy is "stealing in some sense"… either usurping power or taking money.

The ideal of libertarian governance is the little power government possesses must be represent the wishes of the people, usually through a voting franchise.  When government possesses extraordinary power, the temptation to suborn (to turn) the government’s power toward "stealing in some sense" is overwhelming.  And the people—normally these are the same financial interests that sought the growth of government power—who want to turn this power toward them must operate stealthily.

Conspiracy is natural.  One would be naïve to argue the special interest-rich enterprise of the United States government is not driven by conspiracies of power.  Indeed, because the system has become stable (or at least mature), only a handful of such conspiracies can be successful.  Basically only one or two are in play today as the mixed economy turns to open pressure-group warfare and the golden rule applies.

He who has the gold makes the rules

— Pogo, Walter Kelly

Instead of conspiracy theorist, let’s call any person developing the evidence and truth behind government (mis)behavior a causality theorist.  Thus Ruppert and others with solid reputations and irrefutable logic and facts stand in stark contrast to the official stories of the men in charge and the "stuff happens" theory of history.

The mainstream media (M2) is comfortable with official stories.  The journalists who work for M2 are not hired for their independent, truth-seeking qualities, and the ownership is certainly plugged into the power chain.  Any stories that threaten the chain are normally quashed or ridiculed.

According to causality theorist Ruppert, the men in charge of the cabal du jour are fundamentally arrayed in the economics of energy.  This is natural, as we examine how the wielding of money and power require a source of energy.(2)  Oil has become the liquid gold of our time, the worldwide source of wealth and power.

Basic anomalies behind 911 were referred to in the column Impeachment 911Crossing gives background and documentation that the oil power-elite (OPE) through the mechanism of the national security state (NSS)—CIA and international intelligence community special operations—and policy adjuncts (e.g. the neoconservative Project for a New American Century (PNAC)) orchestrated the following sequence of events:

  1. Late in the Clinton administration, upon it becoming apparent that the Caspian Sea oil reserves were not as high as advertised, OPE principals authorized their NSS agents to:
    1. Plan, coordinate, and execute the attacks of 911 using the cover of militant Islamic fundamentalist (MIF) purported highjackings of commercial airliners
    2. Launch a propaganda attack that encouraged Americans to believe Iraq was behind the attacks
  2. The 911 attacks terrorized the American public into accepting more government power through the Patriot Act and were used to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    1. The real OPE purpose of Afghanistan war was to restore poppy production and protected CIA international drug operations in heroin
    2. The real OPE purpose of the Iraq war was to gain complete control of the second-highest quantity of oil reserves on the planet

The story really is as simple as that.  The book is quite long and provides deep inquiries on the workings of the OPE and facts about the 911 operation, in particular.  Michael Ruppert is a major player in unraveling the truth of the 911 attacks, and you should refer to The 911 Truth site, as well as related sites for impeachment of the current administration for high crimes.

The Center for an Informed America has the best technical presentation that refutes the "official story" of 911.

Mr. Ruppert has fine credentials and documents an ironclad case.  His book has literally hundreds of references to validate his assertions.  He’s a true American and dedicated to relieving us of the empire builders, restoring our country to its constitutional foundations.  The main quibble is the book’s length.  It’s easy to get bogged down in the details.  But use the book in conjunction with other resources on the web.  His summary of the NSS’ high crimes in the final chapter is truly eloquent.

Michael Ruppert is a former LA policeman who gained notoriety for helping to expose the CIA’s pushing of cocaine and heroin upon the minority populations of southern California.  He has been actively promoting clean government ever since.  From the Wilderness is Ruppert’s site.

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