Earn Blog Traffic Exchange Credits

Do you have a high traffic Blog or website, are a member of one of the below Blog traffic swap programs, and want to earn some extra credits? Interested in doing something like "Rent my Blog" from BlogExplosion?

Here's the deal:
You put up our text link, banner, or RSS feed (whatever your stylistic choice is that links to us [1]) on your Blog or website and I'll transfer credits equal to the unique referrals we receive from you to your Blog Traffic Exchange account on a weekly basis. [2]

Blog Traffic Exchange programs we have too many credits with:
Week - Min - Max | Exchange (*)
1000 - 10 - 250 | BlogExplosion.com

The site you send traffic from does not have to be on a Traffic Exchange program, but the account you want the credits for has to be on the above list.

We're going to start out testing BlogExplosion (BE) and if it works well, expand to other exchanges. To keep utter chaos from reigning, if you're interested, please leave a comment here with a contact address, referring site(s) URLs, and BE username.

If it ever gets near the maximum credit transfer limit per week, we'll figure something out so no one gets cheated.

Best Regards,

M.J. Taylor
from Reason to Freedom

(*) Legend:
Week: Maximum amount that exchange will allow transferred per week.
Min: Minimum amount that exchange will allow transferred per week to a single user.
Max: Maximum amount that exchange will allow transferred per week to a single user.

[1] We like:

from Reason to Freedom


<a href="http://www.reasontofreedom.com/" title="Weekly libertarian magazine promoting thinking for oneself, thus helping to create a free, benevolent society." target="_blank"><I>from Reason to Freedom</I></a>

[2] If you don't make the minimum per week, I'll transfer the minimum to you after you have refereed to us half of the minimum and balance it out over time.


My blog receives just 15-20 visitors a day. Can I participate in this program?

[Sure! Sign up under our referrer ID above if you don't already have an account with BE, and drop me an email when you've setup the link(s) on your blog(s). --MJ]

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