His Destiny

The many towered castle shone silver in the setting sun, although glints of gold and jade could be seen from afar.  Dusty shadows moving about the parapet of the castle, He saw, as He strained against His weary mount.  Home.  He knew He would soon be welcomed home.

"I am the Castle Master.  It is My province, My Providence, Mine, chosen centuries ago, by virtue of My ancestry.  It is My destiny.  I provide for and protect My people."  These thoughts coursed through His sovereign brain as the steed galloped down the hillock to where His subjects awaited His return.

He thought, "I am fair, just, yet firm.  I am respected.  Indeed, I am loved.  It is My destiny."  He smiled grimly.

Nearing the castle gate, He shouted of His presence.  Cries of loving acknowledgment soon reached His ears.

The archer's unerring bolt finds its mark and the Man, utterly surprised, slips dying from his horse.

The newly freed people were perfectly content to let the Tyrant's corpse rot in the dust, as they happily celebrated liberation.

It was His destiny.