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Texas LP Celebrates tax freedom in Grapevine

The room at the Saltgrass Steakhouse in Grapevine really wasn't big enough for the sixty-plus participants who showed up to celebrate the "2nd Annual Tax Freedom Day Dinner" Saturday night.

The event for Dallas/Ft. Worth libertarians was the fourth in four days that included Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, all sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Texas.

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Hounding Obama 9 – Assault on Economic Freedom

Is there a shred of real capitalism left in the U.S.A? Obama's standing orders seem to be “Find it, take it out to the wood-shed and shoot it!” Even the IRS tells us that we should not pay any more tax than the tax code requires. However, to Obama, if you rationally try to reduce costs such as taxes, you now are an Enemy of the People

Salute to Veterans, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Most of my efforts on Capitol Hill are focused on reducing the federal government’s size and scope, but I make an exception for a very important group of people. Our nation’s men and women in uniform commit a selfless act of patriotism when they take up arms in defense of our country. As a veteran myself, I salute all those currently serving, or who have served in our armed forces. Our nation owes them a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices, their courage, their time away from friends and family, and the dangers they undertake. This Memorial Day we honor our soldiers and vets, we remember those who never came home, or who have since passed on. Above all, we acknowledge our respect for all who have served in the military.

Congress has considered several bills this past week that would affect veterans. Many of the measures are very positive. I applaud efforts to shore up health care for veterans, and make sure that veterans know about the services available to them. I strongly support improving educational opportunities for veterans. I also believe a pay raise is well-deserved, and long overdue for our men and women in uniform. These benefits constitute their pay for serving our country.

America's Courts: Threatens us in ways you never imagined

Courts, the IRS, CPS, you name it. You think it is government. It is the system that harvests your money and assets as profits. It is also used on people who present problems to make sure they stop doing that. You need to know.

You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

Craig hid behind lies all of his life but when the jig is up it catches you in places that make the pain really, really felt. But there are emotionally impaired who deserve help and only in this way can we ensure they get it.

America will Strike April 15, 2008

One of our British authors, C.J. Stone, just forwarded me the below movie that outlines just how corrupt and illegal the Federal Reserve is and provides an intriguing method to protest it.


Synopsis for both: Strike (e.g. call in sick) to abolish the Federal Reserve on the IRS tax filling deadline day, April 15, 2008.

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If I were President for a day

If you were President/Prime Minister for a day, with the power to do absolutely anything (Supreme Court? What Supreme Court?), what would you do and why? I would start dismantling everything bad in our government, because they destroy liberty instead of securing it.

President of the United States for a Day

Class: Sociology 203
University Mandated Assignment
Due Date: 4/15/2029

Assignment: Discuss the sociological ramifications of the Presidential Lottery held on November 7, 2007.

Additional Class Notes: As you know, the Presidential Lottery was never held again, due to the public outcry. You may use as reference the still small minority who continue to try to re-introduce the Presidential lottery. If you do, be prepared to analyze in depth the claims that the actions of that day are the only thing that allowed our country to (using their language) “turn back from the slide into a Nazi type Fascism so prevalent among the ruling class at the time.” And unless you can provide incontrovertible proof that Mr. Bush, or anyone for that matter, survived the destruction at the old Verizon Center, please don't regale me with your fantasies they are living on a Tropical Island. The attached diary entry may be used to compare and contrast what officially happened, to what did happen, and to what was planned.

As per University rules, the best paper on campus will be printed in the University Times.

Cosponsors "Taxpayer Choice Act", by US Rep. Ron Paul

Washington, DC - Congressman Ron Paul has signed on to co-sponsor legislation that will repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax on individuals and replace it with an alternative, simplified tax that individuals may choose.

The Taxpayer Choice Act of 2007 H.R. 3818 would completely repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, which was originally enacted to impose taxes on a small number (originally only 155) of the wealthiest Americans. Because the tax is not indexed to inflation, more and more Americans are falling under the AMT trap. Temporary increases in the exemption amount have been extended until the end of 2010. If the AMT is not repealed, 50 million taxpayers will be affected within a decade, up from 3.5 million in 2006.

Taxing Ourselves to Death, by US Rep. Ron Paul

This past week, Congress had an opportunity to permanently repeal the death tax by amending the Tax Collection Responsibility Act of 2007 to include language that ends the estate tax forever. This would have been a good provision in an overall bad bill. 212 Democrats were enough to keep this spectre looming on the horizon if the Bush tax cuts are not renewed in 2011. The bill passed without this silver lining and now we face big in increases taxes and penalties in the next five years.

The underlying attitude behind this bill, and the estate tax, is what I find so distressing about tax policy in this country today - that being a growing disregard for property rights, which are so important to the American dream.

The Tax Free Tips Act, by US Rep. Ron Paul

The Tax Free Tips Act of 2007 H.R. 3664 would exempt tips and gratuities from federal income and payroll taxes. Tips often compose a substantial portion of the earnings of waiters, waitresses, and other service-sector employees. However, unlike regular wages, a service-sector employee usually has no guarantee of, or legal right to, a tip. Instead, the amount of a tip usually depends on how well an employee satisfies a client. Since the amount of taxes one pays increases along with the size of tip, taxing tips punishes workers for doing a superior job!

The Mortgage Cancellation Relief Act, Cosponsors US Rep. Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul took action today to shield American homeowners from an outrageously unfair IRS tax policy by cosponsoring The Mortgage Cancellation Relief Act.

H.R. 1876 bars the IRS from considering partial mortgage forgiveness as income subject to taxation.

Under current law, only two categories of individuals pay taxes when selling their principle residence: those who have been able to realize a capital gain of more than $250,000 ($500,000 on a joint return) and those who lose the equity in their home and are forced to pay taxes if the lender forgives some portion of the mortgage debt.

“In these difficult times with the credit crunch and housing market downturn, some homeowners are finding it more and more difficult to avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. If the bank allows a homeowner leeway and renegotiates with them in lieu of foreclosure, the IRS should not victimize the homeowner for doing the best they can to pay their debt.” Stated Congressman Paul.

Now is not the time to increase the tax burden on struggling homeowners. Strict reins must be put on the IRS by Congress to limit as much as possible the damage it does to the taxpayer and to the American dream.

Public Safety Tax Cut Act, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to introduce the Public Safety Tax Cut Act. This legislation will achieve two important public policy goals. First, it will effectively overturn a ruling of the Internal Revenue Service which has declared as taxable income the waiving of fees by local governments who provide service for public safety volunteers.

Many local governments use volunteer firefighters and auxiliary police either in place of, or as a supplement to, their public safety professionals. Often as an incentive to would-be volunteers, the local entities might waive all or a portion of the fees typically charged for city services such as the provision of drinking water, sewerage charges, or debris pick up. Local entities make these decisions for the purpose of encouraging folks to volunteer, and seldom do these benefits come anywhere near the level of a true compensation for the many hours of training and service required of the volunteers. This, of course, not even to mention the fact that these volunteers could very possibly be called into a situation where they may have to put their lives on the line.

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The "Fair" Tax is a welfare scam

The "Fair Tax" is at least as bad as the income tax in every way, and worse in some ways.

[fRtF] 8/11 - America: Freedom to Fascism (2006)

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America: Freedom to Fascism (2006)
Aaron Russo is a man with guts. A former music promoter, talent agent, film producer, and near candidate for President of the Libertarian Party, Russo is one of those uniquely American iconoclasts whose stubbornness has led him to stray far and wide to satisfy his intellect.

Initially a film about his search to find out whether Americans indeed are required to pay Federal Income taxes, Russo became compelled to delve into much deeper topics related to political corruption, the influence of international banking on American policy and, ultimately, the fate that awaits our nation if we continue to allow our government to increase its control on our daily lives.