Why We Fight (2005)

If you can, go see it. It'll make you angry, disgusted, sad, and even feeling betrayed. And that's really the point, the 'American Government' is betraying its people. Not just in little, let's build a multi-million dollar bridge to nowhere pork projects, but in the grander scheme. It's betraying us in the “we'll kill or destroy anyone or anything we want, just to achieve whatever convoluted goals we've cooked up.” Honesty? Integrity? Forget that. We'll try to off you just for thinking of exposing us for the scum we are.

Pros and Cons of Real ID?

Another day, another search phrase that boggles the mind...

Phrase: “Pros and Cons of Real ID” [Google, second results page, 2 results*]

Okay, so maybe I'm getting on my high horse a little ahead of schedule, maybe someone just wants to know more about how bad things could be under what the Hitler, Nazi dream the REAL ID act accomplishes. Somehow I doubt it, but hey, lets take it as a real fact finding mission, because even though many of the US States have told the Feds. to piss up a rope on the Act, the NeoCon control junkies just reinvented it by using Social Security cards as the “Your Papers, Please” of the new American era. Summed up nicely by Butler Shaffer:

The Case Against Adolescence, by Robert Epstein, Ph.D.

American teens have long been in chaos, suffering high rates of depression, suicide, crime, substance abuse, pregnancy, and other serious problems. Until about a century ago, however, the teenage years were relatively benign, and adolescence as we know it barely existed. Through most of human history, young people were integrated into adult society early on, but beginning in the late 1800s, new laws and cultural practices began to isolate teens from adults, imposing on them an increasingly large set of restrictions and artificially extending childhood well past puberty. New research suggests that teens today are subjected to more than ten times as many restrictions as are most adults, and adulthood is delayed until well into the twenties or thirties. It's likely that the turmoil we see among teens is an unintended result of the artificial extension of childhood. Between a quarter and a third of young people who enter our school systems never graduate from high school, and for blacks and Hispanics, the proportion is closer to one-half.

Who is the best current choice to promote libertarianism?

A large brew-ha-ha has sparked over at KN@PPSTER over the possibility that Ron Paul is a racist. While I disagree with Tom on the dissection of the document he cites, and thereby its meaning, I've been somewhat shocked that Tom also disagrees with the statement, mine and others, that Ron Paul is the “best current choice to promote libertarianism.”

Stop the Trans Texas Corridor Treachery, Memorial Day 2007, by CorridorWatch.org

The last day of the Legislative Session is Memorial Day, a holiday
for many people. David and I had decided to go, sit in the House and
Senate Galleries, walk the halls, and visit Legislators, just to let
them know that win, lose or draw, we are here and we are not going
away. Then we thought how great it would be if there were hundreds
of grassroots anti-corridor/toll people everywhere!

The History of America You Most Need to Know.

As the Bush Administration continues its meltdown we can almost see past the NeoCons to....yet another group of corporate liegemen who will take up the same work of converting America into one large plantation owned and operated for the benefit of the Feudal Few. We must take action. But the action needed begins with understanding where freedom went wrong.

Everybody Supports the Troops, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Instead of questioning who has the best interests of our troops at heart, we should be debating which policy is best for our country. Defensive wars to preserve our liberties, fought only with proper congressional declarations, are legitimate. Casualties under such circumstances still are heartbreaking, but they are understandable. Casualties that occur in undeclared, unnecessary wars, however, are bewildering. Why must so many Americans be killed or hurt in Iraq when our security and our liberty were not threatened?

In reality, support for the status quo (and the president’s troop surge) in Iraq means expanding the war to include Syria and Iran. The naval build up in the region, and the proxy war we just fought to take over Somalia, demonstrate the administration’s intentions to escalate our current war into something larger.

Don't Tag Texas!

Don't Tag Texas!

NO Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC)
NO Animal Tagging

Join us in Austin, Texas on March 2, 2007 at 1:30 pm

March To The Capitol To Protest

[Indyfriends] URGENT ANNOUNCEMENTS for all Texans! - PLEASE FORWARD!

Dear Friends and Members:

        I hope most of you already know that big things are happening in our  
anti-corruption movement to STOP the Trans-Texas Corridor and freeway  

        Below is a flier you can send around to your friends, family and co-
workers to ask them to join you at the rally Against the Trans-Texas  
Corridor (and animal tagging too!) on Friday, March 2, starting at  
1:30 pm.  (PLEASE NOTE:  a time previously sent for 12 noon, is  

        Something else--URGENTLY & EQUALLY IMPORTANT!!!  Thursday, March 1,  
starting at 8:30 a.m., is a hearing called by Senator John Carona,  
chair of the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee.  
He wants to hear from folks across the state about the Corridor, the  
freeway tolls and public/private partnerships -- that's the  
Governor's apparent plans to sell off our state's assets to the  
highest bidder!

SMU: The Battle of Petitions

At Southern Methodist University the spectre of a George W. Bush Library is awakening Methodists to the horror of living cheek and jowl with someone who endorsed torture. This has brought on line petitions that allow Methodists - and all Americans to speak their minds in plain sight, rendering an effective referendum on the Bush presidency.

What You Can Do - Vote Exchanging

First we have to wonder if vote exchanging is legal, and it appears that it probably is:

Garry Reed's picture

Shunning the Real ID Enablers

Freedom's latest foe is the two-headed snake-in-the-grass Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. These cyberserpents are collaborating to create the hardware/software mission of turning us all into walking talking Real ID card chattel. (Quickie definition of Real ID: a thin slice of plastic containing our digitized biological and biographical persona so BigGov can steal our identities whenever it wishes.)

I was already soured on Hewlett-Packard. Two years back a pack of powercrats came up with a concept called the Continuity of Government Commission. Terrified that all of their kind could be killed in a single blow (a hand grenade tossed from a two-seater Cessna, perhaps) and we lackeys might learn to like life without our liege lords, the COG wanted to empower state Governors to cherry-pick replacement masters, not via special elections (Constitutional) but from their own personal wish lists (unconstitutional).

The Mother of Proposition 13

The Mother of Proposition 13 - No one knows her name

The shock of reading her property tax bill must have been tremendous. By all reports she lived not far from the Kmart in Granada Hills, California and had a fixed income. Along with that her only asset was that small house. She reportedly wondered if a mistake had been made; if a decimal had been misplaced on the bill. She had owned the small house for many years but this tax bill meant she wouldn't be living there very much longer; unless she did something.
So she took a roll of drawer lining paper down to the Kmart at the corner of San Fernando Mission and Balboa Blvds and, seated at her dilapidated little card table, began collecting signatures.

What You Can Do - Please Drink and Drive

To anticipate the What You Can Do corresponding to this column, we really have to "go deep" with a theoretical basis for recovering all our freedoms.  In other words, we have to get into a larger discussion of Grand Strategy—subject for a subsequent column.  Grand Strategy is a huge subject occupying the best minds in the libertarian movement.

TxDOT Forgets How Our Country Was Founded

Sal Costello, the leader of the effort to stop the Central Texas Toll Plan, upon hearing of Green's removal from the meeting said, "What are they so afraid of?  I'll bet you it's that we were fully informing potential bond investors who are in the dark about TxDOT's subterfuge."