About Me

Hey Y’all, I’m Thomas. I’m from Auburn, Texas and I have served 3 tours in Afghanistan so you could say I’m very political and have my views about our country but I’m going to set those asides. A lot of people are forgetting how lucky we Americans have it. We are one of the freest countries in the world and because some people don’t believe in some of the things our President says and does, they decide to neglect their country and paint a bad image on it. I wish that these people could spend a day in countries such as North Korea or Afghanistan. I don’t think 75% of these people could survive a day there. We have the rights to say what we want and walk around this country looking how we want too. We have the freedom to speak our minds and be who we want to be. We can love who we want, eat what we want, and believe in what we want. This blog is just a reminder of how lucky we have it and how we need to be more thankful because we could have a much worse life.