What year did Canada leave the United States?

This falls into the, "You just can't make this stuff up!" category.

Seriously, has the US education system gotten soooooo! bad that people actually believe that Canada was a US state at one point and then left to branch out on their own?

I mean, there's the predictable rhetoric from a Texas Governor every now and then that Texas has the right to secede (Rick Perry comes to mind). But come on, most, everyone knows that's just good campaigning. Say something stupid, get some name recognition. Rinse and repeat.

Here's the search phrase in all its glory:


I guess Google doesn't have to worry much about Microsoft (Bing's owner) making a dent in their search business, if Bing's users are just that...

I found your story curious,

I found your story curious, so I tried your Bing search. I even cut and paste it into Bing. Then I tried searching " when did Canada leave the United States of America" in Google, Yahoo, and even DogPile, and guess what? This webpage is the only one that come back with that saying.
To me, this cast much doubt on your story, or that they are teaching this in US schools.

[Odd, I get 100+ results through scroogle, cutting and pasting your phrase, "when did Canada leave the United States of America." What original page the search lead to on our site I couldn't tell you. It was just in our logs. Best, --MJ]

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