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Will the real Conservative Please Stand?

Understanding the difference between being a Conservative and a NeoConservative provides more insights than you could imagine. Follow the series. Yes, Barry, some of us remember.

Michael Jackson - Stalked by a Psychopath

Michael Jackson struggled to create and to live a normal life. All the time he was being stalked.

Crane vs. the Kochs - The Fascists Eat Their Own

The Ghost of Murray Rothbard is laughing tonight.

The Corporate Greedy – When Psychopaths Cooperate The Case of Craig Franklin and Dan O'Dowd

Psychopaths have no conscience. What happens when psychopaths are producing our weapons systems?

Surviving Swat Teams to Empower a Real America

The Banks sent a Swat Team to kill him. But Walter Reddy survived and is still working so your state can have a money system based on gold - and every community can provide real security to you and your family.

Extending Human Vision - The Work of Arthur C. Pillsbury

Arthur C. Pillsbury changed the way we see the world. He said, "Knowledge Commons." We use the term, Open Source. You did not know his name but you see through his eyes.

Sociopaths - They Prey on All of Us.

When one looks at you he or she sees not a person but a thing to be used, consumed, and disposed of. They are all around you and you need to know how to recognize them behind the smiling face.

Springtime for America

We came so close to losing it all. Day to day we have been hearing the stark predictions of famine, want, civil unrest. We see the Google maps of FEMA camps and the 1984 redux of control, reflected in the simple minded fascist edicts, for instance the Missouri Directive, issued by the of small minded bureaucrats of that state. These still have the power to shock us.

But if you really watch you will see the unfurling of freedom happening like the springtime, blossoming out from every tree. Across America something profoundly wonderful is happening. People at the most local level are taking action to return the power of governance directly to the people. Without noise or the flurries of big fundraising and from both right and left people are coming together to say NO to a government and corporate presence that is out of control.

Earth Day 2009 - Be the Change

Today, getting off the grids is more important than hoarding gold or politics at either the State or Federal level. Go local now and lose your illusions about partisan politics.

April's Future - Renewing America

It is time to forget what divides us and remember the power that is America.

Blighted Christmas

Lying is now considered simple corporate policy. In that way it dovetails neatly with government policy. But you have a natural right to the truth reinforced by the First Amendment to the Constitution. This year give Truth for Christmas

Your Wishes Can Change the World

When the world is melting down around you remember what matters. There is power in you that you have never tapped. Find it this Christmas at home, where you least expect to find it.

Are Your Ready for Peace, Prosperity, and Good Will?

A little over a year ago I predicted the present melt down. It will get worse. That said, this is still a time of promise. We can change the present course; we can establish for ourselves and our children a future more wonderful that we ever imagined. Go Home to the Real America.

You Can Go Home Again

America is still the vision of a people who stand on their natural rights and govern themselves. In these dark days remember and go home to your community. Look into the eyes of your neighbors and come together. The people will govern themselves