Why America is Still the Most Free Country

3.) From Sea To Shining Sea

There’s no denying the fact that the good Lord brought every one of our forefathers to this land. There is no other nation on the face of the planet with all of the natural resources and the amount of different climates and types of land that we have at our reach. Mountains, beaches, valleys, deserts, tundra, prairies and whatever else might be required for the perfect country — we’ve got it. Besides claiming proud ownership this widespread and wonderful amount of land, but we also have the option to travel freely to any of these spots without having to use our passports, papers or any other potential restrictions. Take Europe as a comparison. There are several different kinds of landforms and climates over there — all of which are within a smaller region than our whole entire country, alone. However, moving between each of them also means that you are traveling through different countries which all contain their own particular rules. As far as natural resources go, no other types of land — any country, at that— in the whole world can compete in the slightest bit with what we have in America. We are the owners of the largest shares of oil and natural gas ever. Our wood is pretty much tough to compare to, as well. This list goes on and on.

2.) Guns

Even though the quote is said to have been changed, Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is known to have said during WWII, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Whether this quote is actually true or not, the concept still holds true to a particular degree these days. It’s guessed that one in three households in the USA contains guns, and that is as it should be in the eyes of our Founders. As a matter of fact, the calculated amount of hunters who are registered in the US is guessed to be between 25 and 45 million. Mixed and coming together, this would be at that very moment the largest standing army in the whole entire world. Also keep in mind that this does not include owners of guns  who are not hunters who have been registered. And it’s all attainable because our Founders gave that right, and wrote it in the Constitution, in the Second Amendment.

1.) The First Amendment

It really is a fact that the people’s liberty to say whatever they want and the liberty of practicing certain faiths are both in a lot of trouble in today’s America, and no one can even deny that the country is standing and looking over a steep cliff that the haters of freedom are eagerly trying to push us off of. However, we are still able to  express ourselves as we please, all because of the magical First Amendment to our Constitution. In various other nations, speaking up against the government — or even writing articles such as ones in newspapers, blogs, or any other medium — are reasons enough to be  imprisoned at best and to be put to death in the worst scenarios. Even the nice people in Canada and the great citizens in the United Kingdom can be prosecuted for making commentary that their Constitution protects.

Watch the video below to see how America differs from other countries!