Council on Foreign Relations

Since long before recorded history, man has subjected his fellow man to various types of servitude, slavery, bondage, or any other form of human debasement for his own aggrandizement. As tribes grew larger, laws were formed for the treatment of the oppressed, laws which led to the basic premises of civilization. These basic premises went through several mutations over time. First there was the Classical period where the gods of the ancient world controlled mankind; then the Middle Ages with Christianity as the civilizing factor forcing fealty to the earthly Christian servants for the betterment of mankind; and finally the civilizing influences of the Industrial Revolution and the growth of a materialist consumer society.

Throughout all these changes though, the basic need to control others, or to be controlled by others has never changed. About the time of the American Revolution a goldsmith in Frankfurt Germany found that control of others was easy if the medium of exchange was controlled. He realized that the power in a country was dependent on the wealth of that country and set out to control that wealth. His five sons grew to control the leading banks of Europe and England; their names were Rothschild.

One of the sons, Nathan, met an apostate priest, Adam Weishaupt, who was able to set up the empire of control for the Rothschilds. The agents of this priest even helped set up the first bank of the United States which later went bankrupt. This story is covered fully here (

By the Civil War, European bankers were in the US making inroads toward total control of the banking system, making all Americans their economic vassals, and in effect, giving the bankers and their backers power and control over Americans.

A complete narrative is here ( This is one of the most fascinating books written about the early downfall of America and its political and economic system.

Of course the Illuminati's role in America could not begin any meaningful control until they had the central bank in place, giving them total control of the country's wealth. The establishment of the Federal Reserve Act solved that problem. Then President Wilson, at the last minute, did not opt to join the League of Nations which again stymied the aims of the European secret Illuminati society and helped in the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Adam Smith out, Karl Marx in.

The goal of the CFR was to 'integrate' the world's individual governments into one homogeneous mass, making the world a more 'peaceful' place to live. There would be no national or religious boundaries to bicker over, and the CFR would be able to put their best and brightest to the task of ruling the planet. Their plan was quite simple.

First they would divide the citizenry of a country along party lines or religious lines, which would tend to weaken the social fabric of the country. America was relatively easy as it had minorities which could be used against the majority in power. Furthermore the majority itself was made up of immigrants of the several nation states predominantly from Europe which further divided the nation socially and politically. Fomenting class struggles would not be difficult, and soon enough the 'we vs they' mentality was blossoming everywhere across the land. It would take time. They had the time. The first Rothschild had been born almost two centuries earlier and had been aware that there was no instant gratification to be had in this business. In fact the instant gratification ideology is used to keep the denizens happy and occupied with 'keeping up with the Jones', allowing the societies (the CFR in the case of America) to do their work towards achieving a one world State. So by keeping the population divided and handing out bread and circuses (panem et circensus) they have been able to offer enough distraction to keep the lowest members of society happy and occupied.

For example, here in the states the nationalist party has been left as a two party system (democrats and republicans) for the sole purpose of giving the plebeians some sense of division before each election and to keep the mobs politically separated, as any news commentary or website will show. Railing about the shortcoming of the party in power by the party not in power is a popular pastime for the feeble minded and disenfranchised. Honesty and integrity are replaced with backbiting and whining assuring the populace stays divided. We never see members of the CFR attack the capabilities of one another, but they lay it on 'thick' for each other's party, spreading glee amongst the plebes. This is the circus part of bread and circuses and they know it. Once on the stump, all make cheap promises to the lumps knowing full well they will never be kept, unless it benefits the goals of the CFR. In a Republic it would make no difference who won, as no party would be able to rob the treasury by Constitutional law. But that law has been long usurped, the Republic has become a democracy, and civilization, like oil, is past its peak. It's all downhill from here.

Again, the reason is that the CFR has kept its eye on the long term goal and succeeded in putting their own members in positions of power, not only elected offices but appointed offices as well. A case in point is the fact that the President rarely makes a decision without his 'advisors' advising him. And they are almost all CFR members. ( is a great listing of America's power that gives fealty to the CFR first, then there is this ( which has up to date information and names. Every presidential decision since Wilson has been colored by these 'advisors'. For instance, when President Obama (CFR) has an economic meeting with his advisors, he will surely rely on Tim Geithner(CFR), or Paul Volcker(CFR), or Larry Summers(CFR), or even Michelle Obama(CFR); and Bush (CFR) had Cheney(CFR), Paulson(CFR), Greenspan(CFR); well, you get the drift.

Their goals are almost never the same as the citizen's goals. Have you been bailed out yet ? or just handed a bill to bailout someone else? Do you feel safer with the Patriot Act or was that to consolidate power for some future use by the State? Every decision by those who are supposed to represent us ends up for the benefit of others while we have been picking up the tab. Even if they were incompetent, the law of averages says that occasionally a bill would be passed that would favor the citizen.

As a preview to the intent of coming attractions for the United States, this site ( will provide an hour or two of great reading, especially if you can remember our technology back in the late 60s when the original speech was made.

If a society loses its sovereignty because of its lack of responsibility, will it be responsible enough to gain it back?

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