Dear Sarah Palin

[Warning: The below Good Read is not written "Family Friendly," but if you have the maturity this is funny as hell. --MJ]

"Seriously, could you bitch and gripe about shit that doesn't matter anymore? I mean, put aside the fact that you are shitting away money while the economy is slipping deeper in to a fuckhole than a prick in Paris Hilton's shit-pipe by dragging your worthless kids all over the place on "official government business". Huh? Is this some fuck-all attempt at bringing someone with you on government business to assure you aren't the dumbest cunt at the joint? If so, then you succeeded."


"Your tundra tantrum's (copyright pending) are so silly gay that Clay Aiken would wait in line for a year to deep throat them. Your little token phrases about "Joe Six Pack" honestly made me want to become a smelly Frenchman so I didn't have to claim I was of the same nationality as you. Your speeches and public appearances make abortions look pleasant."

full story Mr. Guesa: Dear Sarah Palin


Wow, I could NEVER have said this better myself!! Kudos to the guy that wrote this!! I wish she actually read it, imagine how priceless the look on her face would be!!

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