Examiner wraps up 2009 with personal stuff

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When the new "All Libertarian All The Time" national news feature, the Libertarian News Examiner, was launched in October last year, the Dallas Libertarian Examiner interviewed the Libertarian News Examiner

This time, The Libertarian News Examiner turns the tables and questions the Dallas Libertarian Examiner.

Libertarian News Examiner: So why are we here today?

Dallas Libertarian Examiner: Well, a couple of interesting things with personal connections came up right at the end of the year and I'd like to talk about them, but I really can't do that in the normal format of my Examiner page.

LNE: Oh, so you're using me as cover, huh? Okay. What do you want to talk about?

DLE: Well, first I noticed that ammoLand.com selected End the War on Freedom as both their featured "Gun Blog of the new year of 2010" and for the "Month of January 2010."

LNE: That's really great but what does it have to do with you?

DLE: Bill St. Clair, who calls himself a Crypto-Anarcho-Libertarian of the L. Neil Smith Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) school, and a Samuel Edward Konkin III style agorist, is the proprietor of the website. Back when I decided to launch my online writing career with my website, The Loose Cannon Libertarian, Bill gave me encouragement and advice and became the first site to link to my articles.

LNE: So you have sort of a personal connection with him?

DLE: Yes, and it's really great to see him honored this way by a pro-gun site and an article on Google News.

LNE: Great for Bill St. Clare, then. But I take it you have more?

DLE: That's right. The Atlas Economic Research Foundation announced their "Top Ten Pro-Liberty Books of the Decade" and Brian Doherty's Radicals for Capitalism came in second.

LNE: Yes, "A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement." I read it. What does this book have to do with you?

DLE: It captured and confirmed virtually everything I had already come to believe about capitalism and libertarianism and the modern American freedom movement since I had already read something by or about nearly everyone mentioned in it before it was published. This book could be my philosophical autobiography. I'm even sorta kinda mentioned in the book in a very tangential way.

LNE: All right, you've captured my curiosity. Let's hear it.

DLE: Well, on page 397 of the hardcover edition, Doherty wrote, referring to LP presidential candidate Roger McBride, "McBride flew himself around the nation campaigning on his personal jet, cheekily dubbed No Force One." I named his plane. I was working as the Minnesota Libertarian Party's newsletter editor in the 1970s when he flew into Minneapolis. I published a photo of the plane on the front page and captioned it with something like, "Since the president flies in Air Force One the LP presidential candidate ought to fly in No Force One."

LNE: That's it? That's your main claim to fame?

DLE: well, I've never been famous nor infamous, a leader or a follower, mostly just hanging out on the periphery using what writing abilities I have to help promote the cause of freedom.

LNE: And that's News?

DLE: No, that's opinion. You're the one who writes the news.

LNE: Oh, yeah, sometimes I forget who's who here.

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