[fRtF] 1/19 - Too late to Barr the door

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I'm a libertarian, with all the ethical baggage that entails. No cheating, no stealing, no controlling others, and no supporting of those that do. I also once considered myself a proud supporter of the Libertarian Party. Unfortunately the LP has accumulated too many large scale questionable acts for me to continue. This week's article brings to the fore the latest slide of the LP into the dust bin of libertarian history.


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Too late to Barr the door, by Garry Reed
In the true style of "Do anything to get power" by a politician: Bob Barr --once considered the most fanatical Drug Warrior in Congress-- first loses his 2002 re-election bid, partly though $50,000 in Libertarian Party issue ads, and now in late 2006 accepts a leadership position within the LP. What exactly is the LP thinking?

If you're a member of the Libertarian Party, or even just a frustrated libertarian, you might consider the Boston Tea Party as a less corrupt replacement.

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Katrina and the Bush Administration, by Sandra Price
What a learning experience this week has been. Many facts have come to the surface and I have learned that America is concerned with the disaster of Katrina. With all this concern and fund raising, what actually seems to be the problem with the homeless displaced people in New Orleans?

In my own world, the shear numbers of residents who have no communications within the state government of Louisiana may be the most chronic as food, water, medical supplies were nowhere to be found. It seems that the residents of the surrounding states have tried to send help but the inability to get through to the displaced people was not possible. We all noticed that television cameras, news readers were able to get through to the most desperate of the people but the FEMA help could not! That is the question that I want answered! Homeland Security turned away help from Canada and who knows how many other offers of help from other countries.

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2006: Freedom in the rearview mire, by Garry Reed
It's time to play "Year in Review," that game beloved by the MSM (that's cybersay for mainstream media) because, come the new year, journalist types are hung over, bored, unimaginative, and generally find it easier to dig through old headlines than to write something original. No difference here. So, from a hungover, bored, unimaginative libertarian point of bleary view, here's looking at 2006 in the rearview mire.

An open letter to the 110th Congress, by Steve Kubby
On January 3rd, our nation's 110th Congress opened its first session, following an election in which America's voters gave control of both bodies composing that institution to the Democratic Party for the first time in 12 years. Incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that the "first 100 hours" of Congressional work time will be spent righting wrongs and pointing American government in a new direction. Change is in the air -- but what kind of change?