The Guardian Class - the betrayers amongst us

Garry Reed's picture has been publishing John Taylor Gatto's book The Underground History of American Public Education chapter by chapter.

It's about the ruling class's completely open conspiracy of purposely dumbing down generations of Americans through forced public schooling as a means of controlling and expanding the "lower classes" so they will submissively do the ruler's bidding.

But one problem has always existed, that too many members of the docile class acquire just enough education to be dangerous. They're dangerous because they ask questions about things the ruling class doesn't want them asking, like what is corporatism doing to us, and what is the Federal Reserve doing to our money, and what is our incessant global war policy doing to our nation abroad and our freedoms at home, and why are there no jobs for the college degrees everyone said they must work so hard to get?

The arrogant class found a solution for this "dangerous class." As Gatto recounts, "One creative solution is to establish work for some of the dangerous classes by setting them to guard the rest. This guardian class is then privileged a little to compensate it for playing the dirty kapo role against the others."

Recognize them?

The guardian class runs over pedestrians during high speed chases, shoots people to death while bashing in the door at a wrong address to "serve a warrant" at 3 am, beats individuals with nightsticks because they didn't instantly drop to their knees on command and kiss the guardian's feet.

The guardians are those people with little government emblems on their jacket pockets who illegally and unconstitutionally manhandle and arrest and incarcerate their fellow non-guardian citizens who may be engaged in purely peaceful activities such as handing out pamphlets or taking a photograph on magical ground that has been arbitrarily designated as "Federal."

The "privilege" these guardian classes are accorded for blindly doing the bidding of their betters is to never actually be punished. Instead, they are lauded and glorified by the politically affiliated media and promoted and rewarded by the guardian agencies for which they work for protecting and serving the people they've manhandled, clubbed and killed.

The only solution is the libertarian solution; stamping out coercion wherever it raises its ugly fist, from the corridors of the White House to the corridors of the schoolhouse.

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