It's the Constitution, stupid

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Libertarian John Jay Myers announces run for US Congress, Texas District 32, against Republican Pete Sessions, all Republocrats, and unconstitutional laws.

If you're a Libertarian Party candidate for political office and you don't want to end up sounding like just another two-faced mealy-mouthed Republican or Democrat, if you don't want to sacrifice libertarian principles in order to gain a few extra votes from an unsuspecting public, watch John Jay Myers' video and take notes.

Libertarians seldom agree on anything. Many reject all political activity, the Libertarian Party included.

But one concept that many, although never all, libertarians can rally around is this: The first step toward reclaiming our lost and mutilated freedoms is a very, very big step, and that step is forcing the Evil Genie of government back into the bottle of the Constitution.

Once that first step is accomplished freedom-loving people of all persuasions can rant and rage over what to do next – change the Constitution, dump the Constitution, abolish government, create the ideal agorist anarcho laissez-faire free market individualistic capitalist society, or whatever it is that pushes your freedom button.

But Step One must be to get the big fat ugly invasive coercive controlling blood-sucking murderous Vampire Monkey of government off our backs.

Until we accomplish Step One no further steps are possible.

Not only is restoration of the Constitution compatible with mainstream freedom advocates but as a first step toward creating a libertarian society it should be very appealing to a majority of libertarians as well.

John Jay Myers' video shoves Step One directly into the face of every voter willing to pay attention and think. He makes it clear that he's not just running against Texas District 32 US Congresscrat Pete Sessions. He's running against the "Republocrats." He's running against the politicians' "grand plans and grand schemes." He's running against big government and unconstitutional laws. He's running against the warfare welfare state.

That's how you sound like a libertarian. That's how you stand on libertarian principles. Step One, restore the Constitution. Then, Step Two, create a truly free society.

Libertarian anarchists reject politics and governments and constitutions and authoritarians of every kind. But face it; the near-libertarian constitutional republic of our forefathers is overwhelmingly better than the elitist Ruling Class Oligarchy that dictates our existence today. And restoring that republic is only Step One toward maximizing freedom and minimizing coercion.

Think of Step One as "It's the Constitution, stupid."

So all you Libertarian Party candidates, watch how John Jay Myers does it, take notes, and go kick butt.

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