Libertarianism 101: What's the libertarian position on Gun Rights?

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In 300 words or less...

It's almost axiomatic that libertarians are gun rights advocates. Even those who don't own or want guns understand and support the right.

But if all libertarians believe in gun rights not all gun rights activists are libertarians.

Some gun advocates have no qualms about violating other people's rights in pursuit of their own preferred gun rights. This was illustrated recently by a fellow Examiner who declared that Arizona's new law that "permits" gun owners to keep a firearm locked inside their vehicle even when parked on private property owned by a business is a "victory for Arizona gun owners."

But it's actually a defeat for private property rights.

Many people simply don't understand that there is no such thing as the "right" to violate a right, and that if property rights are not protected no other rights, including gun rights, are possible.

This is another victory for government regulation, not a victory for gun owners and certainly not for private property owners.

A private business has every right to ask prospective employees not to drink on the job, not to proselytize coworkers, not to write their personal blogs on company computers, not to gather around the water cooler for an hour discussing last night's Amazing Bachelor Island Survivor Race reality TV episode, and not to leave guns locked in their cars in the private company's parking lots.

If you voluntarily agree, you can't claim that your rights have been violated.

The Second Amendment does not give gun advocates the right to force their beliefs on everyone else. Violating the property rights of others is no different than gun-grabbers violating the property rights of gun owners.

In a libertarian society government has neither the right to prohibit firearms nor the right to force firearms on others.

Get with it gun advocates.

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