Lone wolves in libertarian clothing

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Jim Lark, writing in the November issue of Libertarian Strategy Monthly, tells about running into "lone wolf libertarians," whom he defines as people who "live in an area that they believe is devoid of fellow Libertarians."

He then tenders his tenfold list of things these lonely lobos can do to offer value to the Libertarian cause.

Or, more precisely, to the Libertarian Party.

Lark, having served as the LP's national chair at the dawn of the current decade, can perhaps be forgiven for his view that the libertarian cause and the Libertarian Party are one in the same.

But libertarians know better. In fact, it seems more and more like the Libertarian Party, with its emphasis on getting elected rather than getting educated, is the least effective way of planting libertarian seeds.

So here are ten ways that non-Partygoers can spread the libertarian peanut butter from crust to crust:

1. Be a true lone wolf like Julian Heicklen who has been putting his body on the line – actually, on the pavement – since before the LP was born. In his most recent trifecta of activities he has been confronted and shipped of to the psychiatric ward by Homeland Security Cops for committing the crime of free speech on public property. And even though he's an LPer his primary goal was handing Fully Informed Jury Association handouts to prospective jurors so they would know their true rights. You can explore his ongoing exploits here:

* Libertarian freedom activist forcibly hospitalized and drugged
* Jury activist arrested for exercising First Amendment rights

2. The Advocates for Self-Government is a non-partisan libertarian "do tank" (as opposed to a "think tank") where you can buy and set up an Operation Politically Homeless booth for all sorts of outreach events. And they're home to the World's Smallest Political Quiz, good for lobo-on-lobo outreach.

3. Set up your own website like the Loose Cannon Libertarian and just be your own unattached lupine self.

4. Start a blog like The Freedom Files (by freedomphile Rick Davis, self-styled "libertarian writer, avid pop culture junkie, armchair economist, and punk rock aficionado" and cultivate a readership of likeminded libertarian types as he has.

5. Don't like to clash but got the cash? Why not support the folks at Freedom News Daily on the ISIL website, the best news and commentary node on the net, and feed their fundraising function? (Check the upper right corner when you click there.)

6. If you're more the worldly brainy type check out that aforementioned ISIL (the International society of Individual Liberty) and go global by membering up with fellow smarties.

7. Education is a never-ending need, so educate yourself! The right side of every Dallas Libertarian Examiner page lists thirty websites that cover everything from libertarian feminism to anarcho-capitalism. Smarten up!

8. Be an Armchair Activist – operate from the comfort of your own home. Groups like Downsize DC constantly launch email postings to the politicos who pretend to represent you. Your email by itself won't mean much but combining it with thousands of others will. So you can run with the libertarian pack online while maintaining your lobo status at home.

9. Contribute news items and photos to "The All Libertarian All The Time" news source, the Libertarian News Examiner. Find out how to join the team.

10. Not a doer, a writer, a cash-heavy sponsor? Just talk to people. Tell them the libertarian side of the story. Hand them one of those Advocate's political quizzes. Don't argue, just plant seeds.

Now it's your turn. Add your own nonpolitical pursuit of libertarian dissemination to the list.

Bonus item: one more non-LP endeavor in which a person can partake – join the Free State Project and move to New Hampshire.

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