Memo to Judge Sarokin: Why not a free America instead?

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Judge H. Lee Sarokin demanded in a Huff Post article, "I Want My America Back - not the Tea Party's America."

He wrote, "When I was a kid and we were deciding what games to play and how to play them, our slogan was 'the majority rules.'"

Then he compares the Tea Party to "The bullies and the brats who stamped their feet to get their way" and complains "The majority no longer rules, and we are all losers as a result."

Translation: the Tea Party is a minority of bullies and brats who insist that the majority play the political game its way.

But this article isn't really about majority rule; it's about the wrong minority ruling.

Does anyone really think the judge would be pining away for "majority rule" if his own preferred ideological minority was successfully ramming its policies down the majority's throats?

But he insists, "I want an America in which the rules that governed my childhood playground govern the country as well."


Suppose the majority of his playground pals decided to beat snot out of the geeky kid. The future judge would've eagerly joined in, right? That's majority rule.

Wonder how the judge thinks Geeky Kid would've liked Majority Rule.

Or suppose the judge was Geeky Kid himself.

A favorite Libertarian metaphor is that majority rules is simply two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

Maybe His Honor can explain how he thinks that majority rule thingy works out for the sheep.

In reality, what the judge calls majority rule is actually "tiny minority rule."

One hundred senators, 435 congresspeople, one president, and nine Supreme Court justices – 545 in all - decide which rules 300 million of us are required to obey.

But Judge Sarokin, with his "majority rules," would be happy with 51% of that tiny minority ruling us.

This is called Democracy. America's founders knew democracy sucks, which is why they tried their best to give us a constitutional republic with a government that protects the individual, like the one sheep, like Geeky Kid, like Judge Sarokin himself, from majority rule.

So reject the Tea Party, the neocons, the progressives, and their power cravings.

Here's a better idea: a society in which we all rule ourselves and nobody rules anyone else.

It's called the non-coercion principal.

It's called freedom.

It's called libertarianism.

(Thanks to reader Scott Reed for suggesting this story)

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