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Taxation: crack cocaine of the ruling class

After 11 years of dithering, our kinder gentler neighbors to the north decided to set up a Chinese national for torture and execution.

A Canadian court cleared the way earlier this month to extradite him back to China. After all, the Communist Thugocracy promised they wouldn't torture or kill him, even though his brother and his accountant both died in prison, so where's the worry?

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The Evil Eye: everybody tracking everybody

Are you afraid that Big Brother is secretly tracking your cell phone, snooping into your call history or spying on your email?

According to a new nationwide study by Big Brother could actually be, well, big brother. Or big sister or Mom or Dad or Hubby.

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Voluntaryists face "felony wiretapping" charges for filming in public

Two well-known Voluntaryists, Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman will have their day in court on Monday, July 18, in Greenfield MA.

The pair is facing felony wiretapping, trespassing and resisting charges.

The charges against the Liberty on Tour tandem came a year ago at the Franklin County Jail while attempting to bail out a friend.

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Atlas Mugged: big media maligns the movie

The movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is ideology.

It isn’t art. It isn’t cinema. It isn’t epic saga. It’s ideology.

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Edgar the Exploiter wants your money!

Actually, it's Edgar's creator who wants your money.

A libertarian animator named Tomasz Kaye needs your voluntary donations so he can finish his short film of freedom in time for the 2012 Elections.

The video is Edgar the Exploiter, described as "An animation showing the hidden costs of government intervention."

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The Drug War is a Race War

Libertarians need to keep pounding on the fact that the Drug War is a government instituted race war.

Criminalizing drugs has always been a means of targeting and controlling racial, ethnic, and social minorities.

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TSA banned from Seattle area restaurant?

Libertarian News Examiner reader Jason Gonella reported, "There is a story circulating about a restaurant that refuses to serve anyone employed by the TSA. That's a good start."

Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, and all the rest is disgusting but totally free choice.

And it's a matter of free choice for people – not "government" but people – to fight against it.

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Avoid Bradley Manning treatment; don't talk to officialdom

Quaint old ideas like freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of speech and the right to peacefully petition government for redress of grievances used to be respected, but now apparently they're legal only in Wisconsin and only if you're a union member.

Among the many lessons that Bradley Manning has taught us (courage, honesty, integrity, commitment to truth and decency among other concepts cherished by libertarians) there is one other that every libertarian should take to heart.

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Welcome to the magical Free Lunch Island

Slate published "The Greatest Country on Earth" which describes how everything on the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius is free.

According to the author, Mauritius provides "free education through university for all of its citizens, transportation for school children, and free health care – including heart surgery – for all."

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REAL ID: dead or alive?

REAL ID, of course, is the government's attempt to forcibly turn every state driver's license into a de facto internal passport, complete with electronic and biometric identifiers.

In "A Nation of Cringing Wretches. . .." Eric Peters wrote, "Soon, however, we may all be required to submit not merely to being fingerprinted – but perhaps also be forced to allow our retinas to be scanned, possibly our DNA itself catalogued.

He explained, "The federal Real ID Act is why" and then offered, "the Real ID Act is very real indeed."

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Sheila Dean: stalking the ID stalkers – Part II

LNE: Will the bureaucrats ever abandon their spy dreams?

DEAN: I'm not thinking they will. Not in the near future because the idea behind this is to be able to control populations from the seat of information and identity driven data. Identity data is becoming a secondary form of fiat currency. The computing age has made information byproducts abundant. The intent is to be able to manage segments of the population's access to resources, narrowing your undesirables to a market behavior or a demographic. I've discovered in my travels that all national identity systems have this trait in common. This is why security-based national identity systems and the constant demand for identity are red flags for totalitarian states, which historically lean towards internment or genocides of their own citizens. You can't sleep on this one.

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Sheila Dean: stalking the ID stalkers – Part I

Bureaucrats at every level of government are obsessed with our identities and stalk us like paparazzi.

But Sheila Dean has been stalking the stalkers since 2008 at BeatTheChip ("devoted to preserving US citizens from the progress of Real ID legislations") and at the 5-11 Campaign ("a grassroots effort against national identification and data surveillance").

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Libertarian rights activist charged with jury tampering

"On January 11, 2011," veteran libertarian rights activist Julian Heicklen announced to his Tyranny Fighters email list, "I was notified by summons that I have been criminally charged with jury tampering."

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We Won't Fly billboard campaign takes off

If you thought the airport Opt Out Day demonstrations on the day before Thanksgiving was a one-shot showdown against abusive TSA tactics you thought wrong.

The We Won't Fly team of Jim Babb and George Donnelly has launched a follow-up protest – placing giant billboards outside America's airports.

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WikiLeaks: when truth-telling becomes terrorism

"WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States." – New York Republican Peter King, after released a large batch of classified documents --Dallas Morning News).

So who is threatened by the release of state secrets?

Leaking secrets only hurts lying, cheating, sneaking, backstabbing, double-dealing, two-timing hypocrites.