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Local Libertarians lambaste Liberalcare

Libertarian reaction to Sunday's passage of Obamacare was still reverberating days later in North Texas.

One of the first responses came from Tim Lebsack, Precinct 3211 Chair, LP Dallas County, who titled his Dallas Libertarians Meetup Group message "End Socialist Health Care."

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Libertarians launch counterattack in Dallas sign war

The "sign war" against small business owners in Dallas is heating up again.

Last fall, the city council outlawed advertising signs in the upper two-thirds of store windows and glass doors, and they cannot cover more than 15 percent of a store's facade.

The city sees the issue as a matter of "security" and cleaning up "sign clutter" while business owners contend it's a matter of free speech and the life or death of their businesses.

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Can a person be a judge and a Libertarian?

Given the libertarian tenet that everyone has the right to do as they choose as long as they don't initiate or threaten force or fraud against anyone else, how can a person be both a Libertarian and a judge?

Wouldn't libertarian judges have to recuse themselves from every victimless crime case on the books?

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Who are the crypto-libertarians?

Lauro Garza, writing on his Texas GOP Vote blogsite, quoted Dallas Morning News reporter Wayne Slater calling Debra Medina a "Ron Paul libertarian." Garza then added, "Glad I'm not alone in my assessment of Mrs. Medina and her crypto-libertarian supporters."

The term crypto-libertarian pops up all over the politicosphere where everybody uses it but nobody bothers to define it.

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Thoughts of a libertarian tomb raider

Through poetic usage, a whited sepulchre is any person with similar duplicitous morals. In libertarian usage it refers to government.

Allen Patterson, a 48-year-old Ft. Worth resident who works as a shipping manager for a local manufacturing company, is a metaphorical tomb raider, breaking through the pretty exteriors of whited sepulchres to expose the rot within.

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Candidate combines campaigning and comedy

Libertarian Partier John Jay Myers is stumping for the US Congress seat from Texas' District 32 currently occupied by Republican Pete Sessions.

Because of his campaign style, some might expect to see Myers at the Improv in Addison or Arlington. Or maybe one of Hyena's comedy clubs in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington.

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Senate District 22 – ripe pickings for the Texas LP?

Will Texas State Senate District 22 end up sending a Libertarian to Austin?

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported Thursday that incumbent Kip Averitt, R-Waco, was withdrawing his bid for reelection do to "health problems."

That leaves the field wide open for Averitt's primary challenger, Darren Yancy of Burleson.

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It's the Constitution, stupid

Libertarian John Jay Myers announces run for US Congress, Texas District 32, against Republican Pete Sessions, all Republocrats, and unconstitutional laws.

If you're a Libertarian Party candidate for political office and you don't want to end up sounding like just another two-faced mealy-mouthed Republican or Democrat, if you don't want to sacrifice libertarian principles in order to gain a few extra votes from an unsuspecting public, watch John Jay Myers' video and take notes.

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The big fat ugly elephant in the room

When left and right argue politics they stubbornly ignore the great big fat wallowing trumpeting rampaging foot-stomping ugly elephant in the living room.

The name of the elephant is Government Coercion.

Neither right nor left want to openly admit that in order to impose their agenda on the population of a country the size of the United States there is no way to do so other than to use government coercion.

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Examiner wraps up 2009 with personal stuff

When the new "All Libertarian All The Time" national news feature, the Libertarian News Examiner, was launched in October last year, the Dallas Libertarian Examiner interviewed the Libertarian News Examiner

This time, The Libertarian News Examiner turns the tables and questions the Dallas Libertarian Examiner.

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New Year's resolution: unload that isolationist label

There's still time for libertarians to make a new year's resolution: unload the isolationist label.

Once again, this time from the mainstream rightwing hardcore neocon advertising-bloated online publication World Net Daily, a libertarian is accused of being an isolationist.
A "straight news" WND article featuring Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul editorially referred to his "isolationist perspective."

Calling libertarians "isolationist" in their foreign policy views is an attempt by the "mainstream" to call libertarians what they're not in an attempt to marginalize them as naive and unrealistic.

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The Nolan Chart vs. The Political Compass

Most modern American individualist laissez-faire free market libertarians are familiar with the Nolan chart, which asks a few simple questions about your political proclivities and then plots your answers on a two-axis grid rather than the traditional left-right linear scale.

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Confessions of a Bozo Libertarian

I wrote a couple of articles accusing "libertarian socialists" of hijacking the "libertarian" name from the modern American freedom movement of the same name.

A couple of writers took me to task for my ignorance, pointing out that, according to some sources, the word "libertarian" predates America itself and that my claim that "we" stole it from "them" makes me "A Real 'Libertarian' Bozo."
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Motley Fool fool misfires at faux libertarians

A blog on the Motley Fool website proclaimed ETFsRule's December Walk of Shame: Libertarians!

Unsurprisingly, it's a tirade written by someone who neither knows who "libertarians" are nor distinguishes them from "Republicans."

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A left-eye-view of Tea Party parentage

Libertarians generally take it as a point of unquestioned fact that the Tea Party movement was a grassroots uprising begun at the local level by libertarians and later co-opted by the Republican Party.

But the left-eye-view can't seem to figure out who started or co-opted what from whom or what the difference is between a libertarian, a conservative, and a Republican.

A pair of Huffington Post pundits...