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Freedom activism: get arrested for loitering

Apparently it's not enough for veteran libertarian activist and Fully Informed Jury Association advocate Julian Heicklen to get accosted, manhandled, handcuffed, arrested, involuntarily injected with Thorazine from hypodermic needles and incarcerated for the peaceful act of passing out jury rights pamphlets to passers-by.

Now he wants to get busted for loitering.

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The Guardian Class - the betrayers amongst us has been publishing John Taylor Gatto's book The Underground History of American Public Education chapter by chapter.

It's about the ruling class's completely open conspiracy of purposely dumbing down generations of Americans through forced public schooling as a means of controlling and expanding the "lower classes" so they will submissively do the ruler's bidding.

But one problem has always existed, that too many members of the docile class acquire just enough education to be dangerous.

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The Donnelly video: America's war against peaceful citizens

While this video does a profound job of speaking for itself a little background on it might be helpful for readers who are not aware of America's ongoing war against peaceful outreach and photography in the public square.

Posted on YouTube on September 21, a new video documents the four month ordeal of George Donnelly that began when he recorded a peaceful Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) outreach effort in Allentown PA where he suffered a sudden unprovoked attack by US Marshals who arrested him and confiscated his video camera, and proceeds through his house arrest and eventual trial and release after reaching a plea agreement.

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Myers’ media message primed for primetime

The John Jay Myers for US Congress TV ad is here.

And you all know what that means.

That means it’s time for all libertarians living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the 12 counties and nine principle cities and towns and other various environs of the greater North Texas Metroplex to step up to the plate.

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Article Particles: Good Samaritans, Good gab and good cigars

This shapes up to be a busy day for the libertarian and Libertarian Party-inclined folks in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. And since two of these events are scheduled for the same time as well as the same day it may be appropriate to flip your three-sided coin and attend at least one, if not two, of them.

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Article Particles: Kathie Glass, Glottal stops and globs of events

Local LPers are so excited that it requires a handful of capital letters and a pair of exclamation points to announce that Texas Libertarian Party candidate for governor "KATHIE GLASS speaks at GIANT Wake Up America Tea Party!!"

Glass will be competing for mic time with local (Adrian Murray), statewide (Debra Medina) and nationally known (Ann Coulter) conservative types, among others, so she'll need all the libertarian support she can get.

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LP candidate submits resignation letter

Ed Kless, the Libertarian Party candidate for Texas State Senate, has offered his letter of resignation to all District 8 voters.

For the record, here it is in full:

"To the voters of Texas State Senate District 8:

"I am making this public. If I ever vote for increasing the tax burden or increasing spending, I will turn in my letter of resignation to the Texas Senate within 24 hours.

If I fail to do this, I expect voters to vote against me at the next election, since I clearly cannot be trusted.

"In Liberty,
Ed Kless"

Any Old Party candidates out there willing to be as unequivocal as Kless – and mean it?

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Article Particles: pretend pot, suspect singing, authentic activism

In a followup to an earlier Dallas Libertarian Examiner article on the subject, the Dallas City Council on Thursday approved a ban on pot-like "fake weed" K2 and the paraphernalia used to inhale it.

But not without principled opposition.

Several speakers, unnamed by the Dallas Morning News, criticized the ban as an overreaction.

One speaker in particular, identified by the DMN only as "one speaker," sounded so libertarian in his challenge to the absurdity of banning the possession of plant life that the entire quote is worth repeating here:

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Article Particles: Beer, books, candidates and canned goods

August 10 – Denton County Libertarians are throwing a "Beer, Banter and Pizza" bash at Frankie's Sports Bar & Grill in Lewisville. They won't be hard to find because "We'll have the Vote Libertarian sign proudly displayed!" This is a social only, no business, and the pizza is free. (Hey, libertarians, a "Free Lunch!")

RSVP Denton County Libertarians

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Ft. Worth retirement fund broke? Privatize the city

Dallas-Ft. Worth's WFAA-TV ran a report bemoaning the fact that the Fort Worth Employee's Retirement Fund is running dry.

And well it should. It's a sweetheart deal, created by Ft. Worth employees for themselves, in which they can retire at 60 and get "benefits that are close to their salaries that last as long as they live."

What this crisis means is, "each year the city will have to use more and more taxpayer money to write millions in promised benefit checks."

Libertarians have another option:

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Article Particles: nullification by states and by juries

From time to time Justin Oliver leads his hardy band of jury rights advocates into downtown Ft. Worth to distribute jury nullification literature to prospective jury members arriving at the Tarrant County Justice Center.

An excellent feature article on the crucial importance, philosophy and background of jury nullification appears in the current issue of the weekly alternative newspaper, River Cities Reader, written by its editor Jeff Ignatius. (Full disclosure: your Dallas Libertarian Examiner wrote a weekly syndicated column on libertarian issues for The Reader before becoming the Dallas Libertarian Examiner.)

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Article Particle: Cuban wants your Facebook photo

Sunday Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bragged on his blog maverick "I just invested in a company that takes video of an area and can tell you exactly how many people are in the capture area at any given time."

Fine. But then he elaborates: "The next extension is to install it in places where we can add facial recognition software."

Install it in which places? Every place in America, like the Brits have installed their spycams everywhere in the formerly "Great" Britain?

"Even more interesting," The Mavs maven points out, "is the fact that Facebook provides a database of 500mm people and their names from around world."

Facebook, in other words, "could be the first to provide a database of names and faces to the commercial world of facial recognition."

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Rockwall's anti-Libertarian Tea Party

While it's true that libertarians come in all forms and flavors– pro Libertarian Party vs. no party, small government vs. no government, right-leaning conservative libertarians vice left radical anarcho-libertarians, libertarian voters and anti-voting libertarians – much the same can be said of Tea Parties.

Some are nonpartisan and apolitical. Some are conservative traditionalist. Some are wedged deep into the hip pocket of the Republican Party. Some are anti-Obama administration but pro-rightwing GOP.

If Jim Prindle of Allen, the LP nominee for Texas Congressional District 4, didn't know this before he knows it now: some "nonpartisan" Tea Parties are staunchly anti-Libertarian Tea Parties.

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New Feature: Article Particles for DFW libertarians

This is the initial posting of a new public service for libertarians, Libertarian Party partisans and liberty-loving life forms of every species and ism in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

The plan is to publish this on an every-other-once-in-awhile basis, meaning whenever enough libertarian related stuff is going on in the area that warrants a quick post-up of doings and dates or remarks and reports.

Some may find this quick-look list of links and announcements to be helpful, informative, and interesting.

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Wanna eat for free? TANSTAAFL!

(Editorial aside: isn't it a redundancy to say "corrupt government?")

The letters stand for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch," meaning that, contrary to government-run collectivist socialist welfarist philosophy, neither people nor societies can get "something for nothing."

But if you can find a Panera nonprofit restaurant in your area you can eat for free, or for as much money as your conscience dictates.