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New Feature: Article Particles for DFW libertarians

This is the initial posting of a new public service for libertarians, Libertarian Party partisans and liberty-loving life forms of every species and ism in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

The plan is to publish this on an every-other-once-in-awhile basis, meaning whenever enough libertarian related stuff is going on in the area that warrants a quick post-up of doings and dates or remarks and reports.

Some may find this quick-look list of links and announcements to be helpful, informative, and interesting.

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Wanna eat for free? TANSTAAFL!

(Editorial aside: isn't it a redundancy to say "corrupt government?")

The letters stand for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch," meaning that, contrary to government-run collectivist socialist welfarist philosophy, neither people nor societies can get "something for nothing."

But if you can find a Panera nonprofit restaurant in your area you can eat for free, or for as much money as your conscience dictates.

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Dallas Libertarians speak at America Speaks

America Speaks, billing itself as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, held Town Hall Meetings Saturday in which "thousands of Americans in dozens of cities across the US came together to find common ground on tough choices about our federal budget."

The idea is to give discussion guides and budgets to people of diverse backgrounds, pack them into a big room like the Dallas County Convention Center, divvy them up 10 to 12 per "discussion table" and see if they can come up with a consensus that can be shown on the big screen in the room.

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LP Board of Ed candidate no "paper tiger"

Amie Parsons, a Lake Highlands area mom, former high school teacher, and North Texas Regional Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas, is running an active campaign for the State Board of Education (SBOE) from District 12, which includes Dallas and Rockwall Counties.

The key word there is "active." Parsons is no mere "paper candidate," as she proved on May 19 in Austin when a state trooper manhandled her while she and her supporters were protesting the SBOE meeting.

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Final hindsights on the Texas LP Convention

Reports from the 2010 Libertarian Party of Texas Convention in Austin, as they arrived at the old Dell Dimension 2400 desktop computer of the Dallas Libertarian Examiner:

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One by one; the real libertarian revolution

"I read the article on victims and how media and police never encourage the obvious course of action concerning self-defense (guns). I am a Police officer and when I go to domestic violence calls where the female victim is truly frightened, I always tell them that their self-defense rests solely with them, not the police. I get some strange looks from my police colleagues when they hear me encourage them to obtain a firearm. It's obviously politically incorrect for most chiefs and sheriffs to say such things but I bet you'd be surprised at how many other rank and file cops think as I do and go as far as to actually suggest the purchase of a firearm for protection. – email from a police officer commenting on the Dallas Libertarian Examiner article, "Why won't media, cops say get a gun?"

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A Libertarian Party party in Dallas

In case you missed the backyard party in Dallas last weekend, or just want to relive the experience if you were there, here are the videos from the event.

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Prindle calls for new generation of leadership

Jim Prindle, Libertarian Party nominee for Texas Congressional District 4, applauded the fashion statement made by Rand Paul after Paul's easy GOP primary win in Kentucky while cheerfully casting aside the old ragged garments of ousted and frayed status quo candidates from the two Big Government statist parties.

"Last night, the American populace spoke the message of liberty once again," Prindle announced in a news release following the results of Tuesday's elections.

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The enemy of my enemy is my enemy

"Libertarians viewed more favorably by Democrats than Republicans." – Daily Kos

A brief Daily Kos rant found it unsurprising that a recent Pew Research survey discovered that more Democrats (39%) had a positive response to the word "libertarian" than Republicans did (31%).

"The notion that Republicans are libertarian is ludicrous," claims Kos.
Agreed. But the notion that Democrats are even remotely libertarian is equally ludicrous.

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Texas LP Celebrates tax freedom in Grapevine

The room at the Saltgrass Steakhouse in Grapevine really wasn't big enough for the sixty-plus participants who showed up to celebrate the "2nd Annual Tax Freedom Day Dinner" Saturday night.

The event for Dallas/Ft. Worth libertarians was the fourth in four days that included Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, all sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Texas.

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Local Libertarians lambaste Liberalcare

Libertarian reaction to Sunday's passage of Obamacare was still reverberating days later in North Texas.

One of the first responses came from Tim Lebsack, Precinct 3211 Chair, LP Dallas County, who titled his Dallas Libertarians Meetup Group message "End Socialist Health Care."

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Libertarians launch counterattack in Dallas sign war

The "sign war" against small business owners in Dallas is heating up again.

Last fall, the city council outlawed advertising signs in the upper two-thirds of store windows and glass doors, and they cannot cover more than 15 percent of a store's facade.

The city sees the issue as a matter of "security" and cleaning up "sign clutter" while business owners contend it's a matter of free speech and the life or death of their businesses.

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Can a person be a judge and a Libertarian?

Given the libertarian tenet that everyone has the right to do as they choose as long as they don't initiate or threaten force or fraud against anyone else, how can a person be both a Libertarian and a judge?

Wouldn't libertarian judges have to recuse themselves from every victimless crime case on the books?

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Who are the crypto-libertarians?

Lauro Garza, writing on his Texas GOP Vote blogsite, quoted Dallas Morning News reporter Wayne Slater calling Debra Medina a "Ron Paul libertarian." Garza then added, "Glad I'm not alone in my assessment of Mrs. Medina and her crypto-libertarian supporters."

The term crypto-libertarian pops up all over the politicosphere where everybody uses it but nobody bothers to define it.

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Thoughts of a libertarian tomb raider

Through poetic usage, a whited sepulchre is any person with similar duplicitous morals. In libertarian usage it refers to government.

Allen Patterson, a 48-year-old Ft. Worth resident who works as a shipping manager for a local manufacturing company, is a metaphorical tomb raider, breaking through the pretty exteriors of whited sepulchres to expose the rot within.