Calling all RINOs!

What is the greatest and most accurate definition for "freedom?" Are we talking about freedom "for" something or freedom "from" something? America is noted for our freedom of speech and this was so important to our founding fathers that it became the first item listed in our Bill of Rights. America is also noted for our freedom from assault from foreign nations. So we have now defined our freedoms as being the gold ring in our lives. When did freedom from government intrusion develop as part of our American culture?

I believe that this recognition of the threat from within our own government may have surfaced gradually in America until the founding of the Republican Party where it became noted that the 10th Amendment gave us State rights over any chance of Federal control over our individual choices. Those rights were always ours but it took a new political movement to declare officially that our Federal government should be limited.

Our individual states each had its own Constitution and all Americans had to do were locate the state that represented their individual choices. My family chose Utah for its heavily Mormon influence and when it became too intrusive they moved to California.

We were Republicans and the word Freedom became a daily part of our family discussions. We were against the League of Nations and certainly the United Nations because of the fear of losing our freedoms to a higher world power. The term "One World Order" was a call to action in my very Republican family who would fight against any action that would work against a free America.

Republicans stood for an agenda of limited government, individual freedoms and personal responsibilities. This was drilled into our brains from day one and it automatically made us genetic members of the GOP.

Today, it makes us labeled "RINOs" meaning Republicans In Name Only!! A new force entered the Republican National Committee in 2000 that rejected any thought of individual rights and gave the GOP a new label called "Social Conservatives."

This new movement started with President George Bush (41) who declared a new party agenda called the "One World Order" where America would be the police force for the whole world and set rules for all nations; or at least those named in the Platform of 1992. He also came up with a trade agreement called NAFTA that would be the beginning of the downsizing of American businesses and make our trade agreements unfair to American corporations. Maybe the RNC backed this but the Republican voters did not! President Bush 41 lost!

This was the beginning of the division of the GOP because it was against every American freedom that had been part of our political background. The Democrats took over the White House and the House and Senate and the Republicans split the scene and our freedoms began to shrivel up without a strong party to organize against the new Liberal controls. There was still a force of the old GOP alive and we managed to take back the House and cook up the Contract with America that tried to bring back some of the limits of the federal government that were beginning to choke all of us.

A new Republican Party was developing at this time and nobody wanted to go back to the 1992 election where the GOP refused to back our One World Order plan and our RNC was frantically searching for an enormous block of Americans who had never voted before and that was the Christian Bible Belt. How to break through to this group became the center of attention of most Republican groups from coast to coast. Many of us did not want to touch this group as we felt they were not interested in the U.S. Constitution and would vote emotionally if certain triggers were pulled. They would vote only if their Ministers and Priests told them how to vote. Many of us realized that the Separation of Church and State would be broken if we opened this can of worms and brought in voters who historically had not been active in decision making political elections.

The RNC decided to go for it and in doing so they had to promise faith based grants and certain prohibitions brought into the government to sweeten the pie. Anyone against this deal made with the churches was called a RINO!

A stampede of Elephants developed and the Churches filled the voting booths with many voters who wanted America to trade the equality of all citizens for a Christian Nation where moral values would be introduced into the Federal Government as part of the laws!

Not only did Governor Bush of Texas win the election but was reelected in 2004. Our limited government became a thing of the past and our Federal negotiations for war became secret and illegal. To most of us RINOs, our party took on a Revival Meeting of such emotions that anything Bush wanted to do, he did! To question our President became an act of treason but sitting back and allowing him to redesign our government was impossible to accept! Bush had gotten us involved in a war on terror that had been building for years and suddenly it took on a life of its own.

911 changed everyone's look at the world and yet most of us saw this coming from the previous attacks by Islamic terrorists who had attacked before and would again. We saw our Federal Government totally involved in our social lives with plans to legislate our sins out of existence. Same sex marriages became the call to all Christians to stand up against it. Why, has never been explained and it came down to the fact that they simply don't breed. So a Federal law was to be added to the Constitution to prohibit same sex marriages. A program was designed to introduce single mothers into marriage. Massive millions of our dollars would make it financially advantageous to marry. Sodomy laws in Texas had to be added to the Senate docket in order to stop all this non-breeding sex and it got worse and worse every day our new Socially Conservative President ruled the waves of American freedoms. The prohibition of abortions was the great secret movement of the Social Conservatives and everything else was ignored until 911.

I won't go into the possibility that this had been planned for many years just waiting for a diversion of mind control items from the White House but many of us are so horrified at Bush's actions that it became a deep question as to how much he knew of this impending attack and could he have stopped it? It is another Pearl Harbor and we will never know the answer for many years. But we can question the results of the changes in our federal government after the fact.

The Patriot's Act, which had been written years before, was suddenly introduced into the House and Senate and passed without question, even unread. New controls over Americans were discussed and passed after more secret negotiations where the public was never consulted. We learned that our own Congressmen were working for the President not their constituents and we voters were not even consulted about losing our waning freedoms.

It was like all the old books written as warnings by men like Huxley, Welles, Orwell and dozens of others were becoming factual representations of the Brave New World of the Social Conservatives. When Attorney General John Ashcroft mentioned that abortions were considered terrorist attacks, the RINOs of America began to react!

Homeland Security which should have been considered after the first attack of the Twin Towers was suddenly blown up to include anything that put any American into a position of danger including the stealing of Hollywood movies through illegal copying. It does everything to everybody except guard our borders against terrorists!

In America we have a two-party system that gives great authority over the White House. In the past when a Republican is elected we can be assured of a more fiscally responsible congress but today that is gone and all we get is a more morally responsible group of people who will follow their President unconditionally and since 2000 this has meant over the top of the Constitution and anywhere Bush directs. To many of us this means a change of moral responsibility from the family and hand it to the White House.

What can we do about it? Are there enough people left in America who want to return to the Republican Party that is based on limited government, individual freedoms and personal responsibilities; or do we have to rely on the religious right to lead us into the a world plan of total domination?

Can we find fiscal conservatives to run for the House of Representatives in November of 2006 or are we going to sit back and watch our glorious America become religious leaders of the world and have to prepare for Islamic terrorists to kill us all? Have Republicans folded up under the pressure of the religious right or is there a chance to regain our freedoms from the government before it is too late?

It seems to me that the election of 2006 is a make or break year to strike out for our independence from the current powers of the Bush Administration and take back our party and renew the government that we all need.

It is time to return to family values and put the parents back in control of the schools setting higher standards of academics necessary for our next generations. It is time we told the federal government to cut back on their desires for controls over all of us and remove their mandates from our individual states. Get out of our bedrooms and start tending to their own social flaws! Demand that at least half of what comes out of the mouth of the Administration have some truth included. The American people are tired of being lied to, manipulated into a war that was based on fraudulent intelligence.

It will soon be a decision as to whether we want a Democrat in the White House or a RINO because the Bush Administration is losing face with the American people and certainly with the leaders of the rest of the world.

The Bush Administration of 41 split the party into two separate divisions and Bush 43 defined the division. But we still have the original Republican Party to fall back on if we can muster the action in 2006. Can this be done? Can we look at the voting records of our current House members and use it to get them out of office or keep them in?

It takes a few minutes to compile our list of items to vote for or against and I have been using my own litmus test list for years. Unless an action fits into the U.S. Constitution including all the Bill of Rights items, it does not qualify as Federal Authority. No President or Congressman has the legal authority to dismiss a single right of a single American no matter who they are. This includes adding pork spending to any house bill and it is time we held our congress' feet to the fire on wasting our hard earned taxes. It also includes allowing Americans to live their lives under State Rules so we can choose where and how we want to live. We should also have the right to die in our own personal way. The Schaivo case should be the litmus test for an overpowering federal government.

Are there enough RINOs or disgruntled Social Conservatives out there to come up with some honest and honorable members of Congress in 2006? The alternative is a Democratic House in 2006 and a Democratic White House in 2008!

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