Sharia Law mentality in our square-brained schools

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Someone who has voluntarily force-fitted one’s nominally round brain into the square box of government is called a bureaucrat.

Bureaucrats who administer the misery of "public education" are known as educrats.

As any objective history of public education in America will confirm, the whole point of government mandated classroom attendance, copied from the 19th Century Prussian military state, was to produce generations of brainwashed obedient citizens for the great future socialist society, taught to meekly serve as labor for the corporatist elites and battlefield fertilizer for the political elites.

No more. Today, schoolchildren are the fodder of the educrats. Children arrive with “per pupil” public funding attached, the fuel of the educrat’s long, safe, boring, insulated career from head-in-the-box teacher’s training to head-in-the-box retirement pension.

The greatest threat to the educrat is “gun.”

Ever since Columbine educrats have lived in trembling fear of the finger of blame: “you should have known; you should have anticipated; you should have seen the Warning Signs and Done Something!”

Now everything is a Warning Sign: a toy gun is a gun, a crayon scribble of a gun is a gun, a finger is a gun, a chicken wing pointed by a child who says “bang” is a gun.

In defense of their comfortable, nominally educated, taxpayer-paid, union-protected, shielded-from-reality world the educrats of American public school warehousing have instituted their own form of Sharia Law.

Children are the threat, “gun” is the menace, common sense is the enemy.

Today a seven-year-old Florida boy is half way through his two-year expulsion for accidentally bringing a toy gun to school, and the educrats won't let him return until he undergoes psychiatric evaluation.

Libertarians would call this child abuse, except he's better off being home schooled anyway.

So what’s next for America’s public Sharia Law schools?

Thieves still get a hand chopped off occasionally in Taliban Land. Maybe an American child who points a finger at another child and says “bang” should have that digit detached.

Or how about stoning, still a popular pastime in Iran? Maybe every schoolyard in America should have a stoning pit, a depression in the ground encircled by smooth rounded rocks. A kid who brings a pretend pistol to school should be ceremonially stoned to death by all the other little P.S. students.

That would teach them not to mess with an educrat.

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