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Voluntaryist comic book heroes take on living dead statists

Mind-controlled zombies staggering through the streets while reeking with rot and wreaking havoc and perpetually moaning "whoooo will buiiiild the rooooads?" A trio of Voluntaryist Vixens named Voluntaria, AnCat, and Agora attemptingto fend them off without violating their libertarian Zero Aggression Principle? What's going on here?

It's Voluntaryist comic book #3 as envisioned by Boy Wonder Jaime Sherman and his band of masked superhero creators and artists, now in the midst of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to produce a Special Issue comic with "action, liberty, & STATIST ZOMBIES!"

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Stephen Colbert: Libertarian or conservative-baiter?

Stephen Colbert, the current comedic occupant of "The Colbert Report," has officially been anointed by CBS as the Chosen One to sit upon the "Late Night" throne once Sir David Letterman relinquishes the reins of his reign next year.

While somehave described the move as "replacing one liberal with another" libertarians are renewing their quest for an answer to the question, "Is Stephen Colbert a libertarian?" To find out, one could simply ask Colbert himself:

Quote 2245

"The power to tax, once conceded, has no limits; it continues until it destroys."

— Heinlein, Robert A.

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The police state isn't coming – it's here

Since 9/11 more innocent Americans have been killed by police than terrorists.

The Kelly Thomas case, in which a jury awarded two cops 007 License to Kill passes after hearing witnesses and watching a video of them brutally beating him to death, has awakened people to the reality of the police state.

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Outing the NSA's perverted peepers

Edward Snowden recently leaked proof that the National Security Agency is spying on people's online porn habits.

NSA's reason/justification/rationalization/excuse is to discredit Muslims who attempt to "radicalize" others into committing terrorist attacks by catching them visiting online porn sites and exposing them to the world.

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Sheriff fired for enforcing rights rather than 'The Law'

We've all heard the old bromide that America has "a government of laws and not of men." John Adams even enshrined that phrase in the Massachusetts Constitution in 1780.

There are reasons why libertarians don't find this concept to be the lofty ideal that so many other Americans do.

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Ruling Class criminals punish Bradley Manning for outing them

Following a sit-down of The Family's "Administration," Bradley Manning, a low-level foot soldier in the massive organized crime syndicate known as "Da Govmint" was given a pass when The Family dumped him in a cage for 35 years instead of having him iced.

Don’t Tax My Credit Union

Credit unions promote the economic well being of their members, especially those of modest means, through a system that is member-owned, volunteer-directed and not-for-profit.

The credit union mission has always been to ensure secure financial choices at lower costs for their members. That's why credit unions offer financial products that provide better returns on savings, reduced rates on loans and lower or no fees on services.

Please visit, "Don't Tax My Credit Union," a national campaign dedicated to ensuring Congress doesn't raise taxes on 96 million credit union members nationwide and preserves financial choice for American consumers

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Time to abolish all rights violations, not just some

The Supremes declared that the cops must cop a search warrant from a judge before copping the blood of a drunk driving suspect.

Still under consideration at the high court, since February, is whether the state can swab our DNA without a warrant or without our explicit consent.

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Sex education among the (non) libertarians

"You have to wonder about Nevada sometimes," Sheila Leslie wonders in her article's opening paragraph. "You'd think a libertarian state, proud of its history of quickie divorces and legalized prostitution, would not be squeamish about providing comprehensive sex education as part of its school curriculum."

She quickly concludes, "You'd be wrong."

Liars and Thieves?, Thieves and Liars?, Do I really have to pick one?

“Reform politicians not only tend to be dishonest but stupidly dishonest—whereas the business politician is honest.

“I don’t see that Lazarus. History seems to show—”.

“Use your head, Ira. I don’t mean that a business politician won’t steal; stealing is his business. But all politicians are nonproductive. The only commodity any politician has to offer is jawbone.

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Raising minimum wage ignores crucial fact

Paul Krugman argues in a New York Times article "Raise the wage" that raising the minimum wage is a good idea because it's good policy, good economics and good politics for President Obama.

Krugman notes "the minimum wage is one of the most studied issues in all of economics."

What Krugman doesn't note is that this allows everyone to cherry-pick which study "proves" or "disproves" one's position on the minimum wage.

Quote 2229

When a bureaucrat doesn't take a bribe, you know you're in real trouble.

— CIA operative

Quote 2228

Keep a government poor and weak and it's your servant; let it get rich and powerful and it's your master.

— H. Beam Piper

Hail the Danes (Leave the United States if you can)

I've listened to people talk on and on about how it's cheap to go down into Central and South America, but I - being a single white female am not going to haul ass down there among a bunch of strangers and stand out like a sore thumb. The only way I'd consider (without other options) going down that way was if I knew people there already - either locals/natives or others who are already well established, etc., and I don't, and don't foresee attempting to.