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Libertarians and the Concert for Sandy Relief – a metaphor

Besides raising millions of dollars for a praiseworthy cause the second half hour of 121212 The Concert for Sandy Relief served as a metaphorical stereotype for liberals and conservatives.

Both ideologiesare groupthink oriented, the left believing that "society" or "public" is a single organism with persons as little more than molecules in a living body while the right holds to "family" or "religion" as its single enduring entity while individuals merely come and go.

The difference is in the attitudes they bring to their existence.

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Warning: Not all 'Liberty & Peace' is about liberty & peace

The Liberty Coalition declares "We are a Liberty & Peace grassroots group running independent candidates & causes outside the rigged Two-Party System and its Registered Parties."

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Where do libertarians come from?

A personal letter to libertarians...

Some readers took exception to an article I wrote that asked, "Are Ron Paul Republicans hijacking the libertarian movement?"

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Are Ron Paul Republicans hijacking the libertarian movement?

Libertarians started the Tea Party movement and mainstream Republican Party operatives hijacked it.

Dissident young liberals started the Occupy movement and mainstream Democratic Party operatives hijacked it.

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War on Obesity is war against freedom and responsibility

"Federal task force wants obese Americans placed into counseling" – RT headline.

People who believe in helping people through government coercion are, whether they know it or not, admit it or not, hatemongers.

They're simply identifying individuals as nothing more than members of one or another group, defining that group as deserving of their "concern" and then targeting everyone else with the task of "helping" that group via government coercion.

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Libertarians have a future because Republicans are wimps

Politicians are partners in crime.

Democrat politicians take the lead on social issues and expanding entitlement programs because that's what their base wants. Republican politicians want it too but they loudly protest against it while obediently trotting along behind because they don't want to be accused of being "intolerant" and "insensitive."

Republican politicians take the lead on empire building and expanding the police state because that's what their base wants. Democrats want it too but they loudly protest against it while obediently trotting along behind because they don't want to be accused of being "soft on crime."

Both factions of the OneParty political mob get what they want: more power, more wealth and more ego gratification through big intrusive authoritarian government.

But they're not equal partners in crime; it's more like a host and parasite relationship.

10,000+ spam comments in six weeks!

That must be some kind of record.

And it proves spammers are completely ignorant. RtF moderates all comments, so not a one of those spam comments was published or even seen by a live body. But automated bots just don't care.

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On sexism, racism and racist code words

By now everyone knows that UN Ambassador Susan Rice was attacked by Republicans "only" because she is "an easy target" (Obama) and because "she's a black woman" (a dozen liberal House women).

We know this because her Partymates told us by playing their sexism and racism cards simultaneously.

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But who protects the workers from the union bosses?

An article from the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) celebrates a "model of networked labor activism" exercised by workers against Wal-Mart during their Black Friday protests.

This model ignores traditional union organizing in favor of wildcat strikes, boycotts, walkouts, flash mobs, picketing, leafleting, and strikes by workers with no ties to any recognized union.

"This model of activism," the article explains, "is just another example of the way agile networks run circles around twentieth century-style bureaucratic, hierarchical institutions like giant corporations and government agencies."

The point, of course, is to protect the ordinary worker from the abuses of the corporation.

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GOP has a libertarian problem? Think again

Washington Post writers Aaron Blake and Sean Sullivan did an outstanding job of getting almost everything wrong in a recent article, including the headline: "The GOP's growing Libertarian problem."

After reviewing Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson's "historic election" they moved quickly on to the stereotypical presumptions that without "spoiler" Libertarians in the race voters would have chosen Republicans, thereby ignoring several polls that showed Johnson himself taking votes equally from Republicans and Democrats in six western states.

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All libertarians are 'Liberators' now

With the quadrennial political playoffs now safely in the rear view mirror it's time to take a breather and consider a subject that falls into the Monty Python category "And now for something completely different."

And how very Monty Pythonish this something different is.

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Libertarians to progressives: We have a better 'social contract'

An article by The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, "Musing the social Contract," essentially claims that people like libertarians who haven't voted with their feet by leaving this country have therefore in fact "signed" the progressive's social contract and should shut up about it.

But the article never actually nails down exactly what this social contract is.

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Florida GOP politicos experience fake epiphanies

The kingpins of the Republican wing of the OneParty Cartel in Florida were showing off their politically convenient epiphanies last week according to "The News Service of Florida" wing of the National Media Cartel.

After more than two years of fighting against implementing Obamacare Florida Republican Boss Hoggs are now saying "they need to prepare to carry out the law."

Why now? Because, following Obama's re-election and Romney's humiliating defeat, they've suddenly had an epiphany that:

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Libertarian classic 'I, Pencil' gets modern makeover

A grand old classical-liberal masterpiece has been adapted, updated and made eminently available and relevant for today's modern young libertarians.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has remade Leonard E. Read's I, Pencil as an animated film, released on their website Thursday.

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Can't tax the rich

Barack Obama has been a wild-eyed fanatic about tax increases on the "wealthiest Americans."

This constant drumbeat is just another page from the timeworn Marxist class warfare ploy that has worked so very well for so long.