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Libertarians to progressives: We have a better 'social contract'

An article by The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, "Musing the social Contract," essentially claims that people like libertarians who haven't voted with their feet by leaving this country have therefore in fact "signed" the progressive's social contract and should shut up about it.

But the article never actually nails down exactly what this social contract is.

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Florida GOP politicos experience fake epiphanies

The kingpins of the Republican wing of the OneParty Cartel in Florida were showing off their politically convenient epiphanies last week according to "The News Service of Florida" wing of the National Media Cartel.

After more than two years of fighting against implementing Obamacare Florida Republican Boss Hoggs are now saying "they need to prepare to carry out the law."

Why now? Because, following Obama's re-election and Romney's humiliating defeat, they've suddenly had an epiphany that:

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Libertarian classic 'I, Pencil' gets modern makeover

A grand old classical-liberal masterpiece has been adapted, updated and made eminently available and relevant for today's modern young libertarians.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has remade Leonard E. Read's I, Pencil as an animated film, released on their website Thursday.

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Can't tax the rich

Barack Obama has been a wild-eyed fanatic about tax increases on the "wealthiest Americans."

This constant drumbeat is just another page from the timeworn Marxist class warfare ploy that has worked so very well for so long.

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Why do libertarians rarely talk about defensive force?

In virtually every mention of the Zero Aggression Principle that rejects initiation of force, intimidation and fraud libertarians typically claim the legitimacy of defensive force almost as an afterthought and rarely delve into it with any meaningful discussion beyond gun rights.

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Voter hangover and the morning after pill

And so the Democrat Wing of the OneParty Crime Syndicate has won the four-year Political Super Bowl again, assuring that its own sycophants will continue to feast on the lucrative plunder of other people's productiveness while the toadies of their rival Republican Wing must settle for the slightly lesser loot, graft and corruption that comes their way.

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'Fred's Law' is Extreme Makeover for Frederic Bastiat's 'The Law'

If you've never read The Law by Frédéric Bastiat because it's too Nineteenth Century or just "too French" you need to download Fred's Law (The Book). Free!

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Last chance to save the future

Libertarians who choose to participate in "voting" in what has obviously become a fraudulent exercise manipulated by the goombahs behind the Republican and Democrat wings of the OneParty mafia already know this:

A professional bully will win the presidency this year and nothing of importance will change.

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Jury Nullification: The Ed Forchion Interview

In an earlier article, "The Weedman trial: Did the jury really nullify?" Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion claimed that he won his two trials by using a jury nullification defense while all of the local media covering his trials reported that the judge prevented him from doing so.

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Jury Nullification: The Ed Forchion Interview Part 2

In an email to the Libertarian News Examiner Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion said, "My website was set up just for curious jurors, and the state's newspapers even provided good video and stories for the jurors to understand my legal arguments about jury nullification. I whooped the state in terms of whose message got out. I had a PR field day at the expense of the state."

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The Weedman trial: Did the jury really nullify?

In a recent article, "NJWeedman acquitted of pot distribution," the Libertarian News Examiner questioned whether Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion successfully used jury nullification in his two trials for marijuana possession and distribution.

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Voluntaryist Comic Project: Exclusive interview

Jaime Sherman is a self-identified voluntaryist and "Project Lead and Storywriter" behind comic book Boy Wonder Superhero "Voluntaryist," a project financed through crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

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Libertarian Singer-songwriter John Ringer unveils new anti-war song

Singer-songwriter John Ringer is at it again.

"I have an anti-war song," he told Libertarian News Examiner. "Actually you could call it a very sarcastic PRO WAR song."

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More generational warfare from Cato Institute?

In their email announcement for their October 25 Student Forum, "Are Mom and Dad Stealing Your Future?" the Cato Institute, as Reason magazine has done in the past, is saying this about Social Security and Medicare:

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NJWeedman acquitted of pot distribution

With so much focus on local and national political races many freedom advocates may have missed the good news that Marijuana legalization activist Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion was acquitted of pot distribution last week.