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Russell Means remembered by Libertarians

Russell Means, 72, died Monday at his South Dakota ranch from inoperable throat cancer.

The Associated Press article posted at recounts his career as an American Indian Movement activist during the 1973 uprising at Wounded Knee, as a candidate for the Libertarian Party's nomination for president in 1987, as an actor in such films as "The Last of the Mohicans" in 1992, and as a relentless advocate for civil rights for all Americans, not just American Indians.

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Gary Johnson confirmed in Free and Equal Debate

Monday the Free and Equal Elections Foundation released a promotional video for their "historic presidential debate" between four of the top six presidential candidates in America.

The event will be broadcast live online and via satellite worldwide on October 23.

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Libertarians 'are a distinct species' – and that includes men and women

After all these years, after all the attempts by both libertarians and detractors trying to explain libertarians, after battling stereotypes and pigeonholes and bogus straw man portrayals libertarians are finally identified as "distinct."

Thoughtful libertarians have always known they're not "the right wing of the Republican Party," not "socially liberal and fiscally conservative," and we don't belong anywhere on the superficial "left-right political spectrum."

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Can Libertarians and Progressives really work together?

A PolicyMic article recognizes that both progressives and libertarians have a "noble impulse" to improve society.

But the article also acknowledges that progressives think they can accomplish their desires by "expanding government's roles and responsibilities" while Libertarians understand that these goals can be achieved only by "limiting government's roles and responsibilities."

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America pretends not to be socialist, fascist, colonialist

The United States today operates under a muddle of old-style European socialism, fascism and colonialism with Americanized definitions designed to hide that reality.

America's social policy, with its unending bureaucratic programs to "help" the poor, the needy, the children, the disabled, the disenfranchised that benefits the authoritarian ruling class at the expense of productive citizens is the direct result of the Democrat Party adopting and implementing the old Socialist Party of America platform along with its class warfare under the now unpopular name "liberalism."

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Presidential debate: the 'One Party' talks to itself

The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is scheduled for October 3, 2012. Libertarian Party presidential contender Gary Johnson isn't invited, and he has filed an antitrust suit.

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Why I'm not a libertarian – again

It's always fun to read one of the many "Why I'm not a libertarian" articles that continually pop up on the Internet year after year after year, even as libertarianism continues to be discovered and captured by ever more open and excited minds.

Typing the phrase "Why I'm not a libertarian" into Google, with quotation marks, will get you page upon page of results of postings and videos, all with the identical title.

While non-libertarians have endless reasons for rejecting their own freedom they apparently have a paucity of imagination when it comes to titling their articles.

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Supersized statist government creates poverty in America

According to recently released Census Bureau stats America'spoverty rate remains at record levels.

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Will PC Peter Pans and Tinker Bells ever grow up?

The world of political correctness is a fantasyland in which mature-appearing adult human beings insist on pretending that words and the realities to which they refer are the same thing so they can remain cloistered little children forever.

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SEAL spills beans on Osama raid, labeled 'traitor'

It didn't take long for big government worshippers to condemn "Mark Owen" (nom de plume for US Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette) as a "traitor" for telling his fellow Americans the truth about what actually happened during the Osama bin laden raid in his just-released book, "No Easy Day."

Leaving the USA

Well, I would like to live in Ireland and even with the bad economy, give it a go, however I'm not sure just how bad it is.

I don't require a lot to be happy. A small town, good fishing, perhaps hunting (optional), quiet green cool hills to relax and read good books, good neighbors, a nice supporting job of repairing or perhaps a little shop on the main street in town to sell goods and talk with the people. All without permission from a government to do so.

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Rights activist Julian Heicklen flees US, takes refuge in Israel

The Libertarian News Examiner has confirmed that longtime libertarian rights activist Julian Heicklen fled the United States on May 22 for Israel where he was granted political asylum and Israeli citizenship.

Responding to an inquiry from the Libertarian News Examiner, Heicklen said, "I decided to leave the US on January 1, 2012, when Obama signed the NDAA of 2012, which gave him the authority to arrest and detain indefinitely any person without charges or a trial."

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Is freedom finally winning against 'groupthink' propaganda?

In an article about soaring gun sales MSNBC explained why Americans are buying guns in record numbers this way:

"Many point to fears stoked by gun-rights advocates that President Barack Obama, if elected to a second term, will push legislation to rein in gun ownership."

Notice the typical collectivist groupthink in that sentence. People don't buy guns after thinking about it; they rush to buy guns because their fears were "stoked by gun-rights advocates."

Michael Jackson - Stalked by a Psychopath

Michael Jackson struggled to create and to live a normal life. All the time he was being stalked.

Crane vs. the Kochs - The Fascists Eat Their Own

The Ghost of Murray Rothbard is laughing tonight.