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Forget witch hunt, Obama approves American Terrorist Hunt

Herr Obama signed a bill (NDAAFY2012) that declares American soil to be part of the worldwide battlefield in the War on Terror and any American citizen merely suspected or accused of some form of "complicity" with terrorists will be treated on that battlefield not as a citizen with rights but as an enemy combatant with no rights whatsoever.

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Will 'eternal publicity' mean justice for jury rights advocate?

New Jersey Libertarian Party candidate and jury nullification advocate Julian Heicklen is fond of saying, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The price of justice is eternal publicity."

Heicklen, whose Monday court appearance for "jury tampering" (the act of handing FIJA pamphlets to people in public) has been indefinitely postponed, is generating plenty of publicity.

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Elephants & Donkeys? It's all the same zoo

An email called Elephants & Donkeys has been sweeping mindlessly back and forth across the ignor-net from one inbox to another that attempts to paint Republicans as Good Guys and Democrats as the Baddies.

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'Isolationism' is slur against noninterventionists

"Ron Paul is an isolationist, I get it," declared Sean Hannity on his radio talk show following the November 22 GOP debate that focused on foreign policy.

In eight simple words Hannity unknowingly confessed that he doesn't get it.

Or, far more likely, he knowingly joined the chickenhawk left and neocon right in using the isolationist label as a slur against peaceful, freedom-loving, non empire-building, non world-policing, non-warmongering, decent Americans.

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How going green goes against the environment

Going green has nasty un-environmental consequences that rank-and-file greenies either don't know or don't care about.

For example, those multi-acre wind farms not only kill millions of birds while delivering a mere fraction of the electricity compared to nearly every other power source but 420 of them in Pennsylvania killed 10,000 bats last year.

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Forget ID: Cops will just scan your implant

It's only a matter of time before every human being within reach of America's Brave New World will be implanted with a satellite-tracked ID chip.

"Americans have already implanted the chips into one million of their pets," Mac Slavo writes in "Coming Soon: Computer Chip Implants for Human Tracking," then points out, "And what are we as citizens if not pets of the government?"

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Why climate change demands skepticism

In "Why I Deny Global Warming" geophysicist David Deming recounts, "When I testified before the US Senate in 2006, I stated that a major climate researcher told me in 1995 that "we have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period."

It "had to be erased from history for ideological reasons," he explains.

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False patriotism: Why Americans should boycott military service

Libertarians reject coercion, intimidation and fraud, whether from government or individuals. Government, after all, is ultimately just a collection of individuals.

Today, and for a very long time, the individuals who run America's government violate that simple principle of decency.

America's politicians - those individuals of government - fight wars of aggression, wars of empire, wars of personal ego, and give us fraudulent reasons for doing so.

There is no longer any shred of justification for believing or trusting politicians.

What year did Canada leave the United States?

This falls into the, "You just can't make this stuff up!" category.

Seriously, has the US education system gotten soooooo! bad that people actually believe that Canada was a US state at one point and then left to branch out on their own?

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Candy or the cops: which was the real obscenity?

Published in 1958, and immediately banned as "obscene," Terry Southern's Candy was a satire of mid 20th century pornography.

The title's namesake considers sex as "a beautiful and thrilling privilege" to be shared with everyone.

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Memo to Judge Sarokin: Why not a free America instead?

Judge H. Lee Sarokin demanded in a Huff Post article, "I Want My America Back - not the Tea Party's America."

He wrote, "When I was a kid and we were deciding what games to play and how to play them, our slogan was 'the majority rules.'"

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Cop killers and killer cops: murderers all

In early July Kelly Thomas, a homeless schizophrenic man, was beaten and tasered to death by Fullerton, California, police.

John Bussman, a local defense attorney who has been protesting in front of the Fullerton police station claims the 135-pound man was unarmed, not on drugs, and had his throat and skull crushed by six officers after he was Tasered five times."

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Quartzsite USA: proving corruption is everywhere

While libertarians are almost always focused on fighting the big corruption, big scandals and big lies inherent in big government they may be neglecting their own backyards.

Charges of corruption, illegal orders, arbitrary arrests, embezzlement, and abuse of power pitting the mayor, city council, police chief, police officers, and citizens against each other have put the town of Quartzsite AZ, population 3,466, in the national spotlight.

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Judge Dredd alive and well in Florida

In the 1995 movie "Judge Dredd," about a dystopian future, Sylvester Stallone played a heavy-fisted law enforcer with the power to act as on-the-spot cop, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner at crime scenes.

Judge Dredd seems to be alive and well today in Orlando, Florida, and rights activist Mark Schmidter knows all about him.

In January Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. issued what amounted to a personal dictate making it a prosecutable offense for jury rights activists to distribute their Fully Informed Jury Association literature on the public sidewalks outside of "his" Orange County Courthouse.

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Taxation: crack cocaine of the ruling class

After 11 years of dithering, our kinder gentler neighbors to the north decided to set up a Chinese national for torture and execution.

A Canadian court cleared the way earlier this month to extradite him back to China. After all, the Communist Thugocracy promised they wouldn't torture or kill him, even though his brother and his accountant both died in prison, so where's the worry?