Were National Parks the 'One Good Thing?” Think again.

All your life you were looking at their lies and thought the National Parks were the One Good Thing. Think again.

Extending Human Vision - The Work of Arthur C. Pillsbury

Arthur C. Pillsbury changed the way we see the world. He said, "Knowledge Commons." We use the term, Open Source. You did not know his name but you see through his eyes.
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Libertarian rights activist charged with jury tampering

"On January 11, 2011," veteran libertarian rights activist Julian Heicklen announced to his Tyranny Fighters email list, "I was notified by summons that I have been criminally charged with jury tampering."

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Montana Mutiny – the pot shot heard 'round the weed world?

"Can Jury Nullification End The War On Drugs?" – The Atlantic

When prospective jurors in Missoula, Montana, refused to be seated in a marijuana possession case the New York Times reported, "Marijuana fans are calling it the Mutiny in Montana."

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We Won't Fly billboard campaign takes off

If you thought the airport Opt Out Day demonstrations on the day before Thanksgiving was a one-shot showdown against abusive TSA tactics you thought wrong.

The We Won't Fly team of Jim Babb and George Donnelly has launched a follow-up protest – placing giant billboards outside America's airports.

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WikiLeaks: when truth-telling becomes terrorism

"WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States." – New York Republican Peter King, after Wikileaks.org released a large batch of classified documents --Dallas Morning News).

So who is threatened by the release of state secrets?

Leaking secrets only hurts lying, cheating, sneaking, backstabbing, double-dealing, two-timing hypocrites.

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Anti-freedom View Vixens label Opt Out "terrorism"

Apparently not a glimmer of individual freedom and self-responsibility exists within the gray matter of at least three of the big government-worshipping political correctness-idolizing denizens of ABC TV's morning gabfest fare, "The View."

Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck accused We Won't Fly founders Jim Babb and George Donnelly - by name - of planning "an act of terrorism" with their peaceful January 24 anti-TSA National Opt Out Day and added that their names should be placed on a watch list.

All this because Babb and Donnelly dared to question authority.

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Libertarian means individualism, property rights, free markets, and the right of sovereign human beings to do as they choose short of initiating force, intimidation, or fraud against others.

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There's precious little libertarianism in civil libertarianism

Sometimes when you see the word "libertarian" in print you instinctively know it doesn't mean the same thing to you that it may mean to others.

To members of the modern American freedom movement, intellectually fed by the likes of Rand, Rothbard, Mises and multiple like-minded minds, libertarian means individualism, property rights, free markets, and the right of sovereign human beings to do as they choose short of initiating force, intimidation, or fraud against others.

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Victimizing victimless "criminals" for fun and power

OpenMarket.org, "the blog of the Competitive Enterprise Institute," has been telling the tale of five friends in South Carolina who were arrested for getting together once a week to play a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em in the privacy of a private home.

Still awaiting their fate at the hands of the state since they were busted in 2006, the whole issue seems to hang on whether Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of chance or a game of skill.

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Hypocrites on the Hill

Remember all the outrage that greeted the news about the so-called "foreclosure mills"?

Mortgage companies nationwide were kicking people out of their homes so fast they didn’t even have time to read their own loan documents, they just assigned low-level clerks called "robo signers" to scribble their names on the paperwork one after another after another.

The media was full of headlines like these spewing forth from the nation's capital:

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Why Rick Perry Really is Running From Kathie Glass

Rick Perry is dodging the debates not because he's afraid to debate Bill White, he's afraid that Kathie Glass will "Debra Medina" him.

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Freedom activism: get arrested for loitering

Apparently it's not enough for veteran libertarian activist and Fully Informed Jury Association advocate Julian Heicklen to get accosted, manhandled, handcuffed, arrested, involuntarily injected with Thorazine from hypodermic needles and incarcerated for the peaceful act of passing out jury rights pamphlets to passers-by.

Now he wants to get busted for loitering.

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The Guardian Class - the betrayers amongst us

LewRockwell.com has been publishing John Taylor Gatto's book The Underground History of American Public Education chapter by chapter.

It's about the ruling class's completely open conspiracy of purposely dumbing down generations of Americans through forced public schooling as a means of controlling and expanding the "lower classes" so they will submissively do the ruler's bidding.

But one problem has always existed, that too many members of the docile class acquire just enough education to be dangerous.

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The Donnelly video: America's war against peaceful citizens

While this video does a profound job of speaking for itself a little background on it might be helpful for readers who are not aware of America's ongoing war against peaceful outreach and photography in the public square.

Posted on YouTube on September 21, a new video documents the four month ordeal of George Donnelly that began when he recorded a peaceful Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) outreach effort in Allentown PA where he suffered a sudden unprovoked attack by US Marshals who arrested him and confiscated his video camera, and proceeds through his house arrest and eventual trial and release after reaching a plea agreement.