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An open letter to America's gun controllers

Dear gun controllers of America,

Every one of you learned the libertarian non-aggression principle in Kindergarten. What happened to you?

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Florida GOP politicos experience fake epiphanies

The kingpins of the Republican wing of the OneParty Cartel in Florida were showing off their politically convenient epiphanies last week according to "The News Service of Florida" wing of the National Media Cartel.

After more than two years of fighting against implementing Obamacare Florida Republican Boss Hoggs are now saying "they need to prepare to carry out the law."

Why now? Because, following Obama's re-election and Romney's humiliating defeat, they've suddenly had an epiphany that:

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Can't tax the rich

Barack Obama has been a wild-eyed fanatic about tax increases on the "wealthiest Americans."

This constant drumbeat is just another page from the timeworn Marxist class warfare ploy that has worked so very well for so long.

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NJWeedman acquitted of pot distribution

With so much focus on local and national political races many freedom advocates may have missed the good news that Marijuana legalization activist Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion was acquitted of pot distribution last week.

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Quartzsite USA: proving corruption is everywhere

While libertarians are almost always focused on fighting the big corruption, big scandals and big lies inherent in big government they may be neglecting their own backyards.

Charges of corruption, illegal orders, arbitrary arrests, embezzlement, and abuse of power pitting the mayor, city council, police chief, police officers, and citizens against each other have put the town of Quartzsite AZ, population 3,466, in the national spotlight.

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Atlas Mugged: big media maligns the movie

The movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is ideology.

It isn’t art. It isn’t cinema. It isn’t epic saga. It’s ideology.

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Edgar the Exploiter wants your money!

Actually, it's Edgar's creator who wants your money.

A libertarian animator named Tomasz Kaye needs your voluntary donations so he can finish his short film of freedom in time for the 2012 Elections.

The video is Edgar the Exploiter, described as "An animation showing the hidden costs of government intervention."

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The Drug War is a Race War

Libertarians need to keep pounding on the fact that the Drug War is a government instituted race war.

Criminalizing drugs has always been a means of targeting and controlling racial, ethnic, and social minorities.

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TSA banned from Seattle area restaurant?

Libertarian News Examiner reader Jason Gonella reported, "There is a story circulating about a restaurant that refuses to serve anyone employed by the TSA. That's a good start."

Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, and all the rest is disgusting but totally free choice.

And it's a matter of free choice for people – not "government" but people – to fight against it.

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Avoid Bradley Manning treatment; don't talk to officialdom

Quaint old ideas like freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of speech and the right to peacefully petition government for redress of grievances used to be respected, but now apparently they're legal only in Wisconsin and only if you're a union member.

Among the many lessons that Bradley Manning has taught us (courage, honesty, integrity, commitment to truth and decency among other concepts cherished by libertarians) there is one other that every libertarian should take to heart.

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There's precious little libertarianism in civil libertarianism

Sometimes when you see the word "libertarian" in print you instinctively know it doesn't mean the same thing to you that it may mean to others.

To members of the modern American freedom movement, intellectually fed by the likes of Rand, Rothbard, Mises and multiple like-minded minds, libertarian means individualism, property rights, free markets, and the right of sovereign human beings to do as they choose short of initiating force, intimidation, or fraud against others.

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Victimizing victimless "criminals" for fun and power, "the blog of the Competitive Enterprise Institute," has been telling the tale of five friends in South Carolina who were arrested for getting together once a week to play a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em in the privacy of a private home.

Still awaiting their fate at the hands of the state since they were busted in 2006, the whole issue seems to hang on whether Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of chance or a game of skill.

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The Guardian Class - the betrayers amongst us has been publishing John Taylor Gatto's book The Underground History of American Public Education chapter by chapter.

It's about the ruling class's completely open conspiracy of purposely dumbing down generations of Americans through forced public schooling as a means of controlling and expanding the "lower classes" so they will submissively do the ruler's bidding.

But one problem has always existed, that too many members of the docile class acquire just enough education to be dangerous.

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Sharia Law mentality in our square-brained schools

Someone who has voluntarily force-fitted one’s nominally round brain into the square box of government is called a bureaucrat.

Bureaucrats who administer the misery of "public education" are known as educrats.

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Global Warmers, meet Flat Earthers

Floods, fires, melting ice, heat waves and rainstorms are all touted in one article as proof of runaway global warming rather than eons-old common occurrences.

Another story tells us how British Columbia adopted California's "landmark greenhouse gas reduction law" and created "more than 20,000 new [taxpayer-funded, bureaucrat-run, politically-connected] clean-tech jobs."

And two others mentioned how the Senate scrapped a bill to curb carbon emissions "responsible for global warming" because of "opposition from Republicans and coal-state Democrats," proving that global warming is all about politics, not science.