Mary Ruwart

September 11th, Ron Paul, Bob Barr and James Dean

Never mistake rhetoric for reality. Live your freedom, a wise man told me that is what you need to do.

Relight the Flame of Freedom in Denver - End WAR

It is time to renew the mission we took up over 30 years ago. America needs freedom. Put your feet on the ground and get it done. Go to Denver and then take freedom home to America.

Ron Paul and Victory in November with Mary Ruwart

The Libertarian Party was founded to free each of us, finally bringing American governance into alignment with the mission of the Declaration of Independence. Go to Denver and make sure our candidate for President is the one who understands and has lived the message. Mary Ruwart for President.

Why You Should Nominate Mary Ruwart

If the Heartland’s 5-state straw poll is any indication, the LP has sadly lost its way and forgotten the core values that brought it into existence nearly two generations ago now. Some few of us still remember the tears that welled in our eyes when we came together to work for the vision that is America. Like no other nomination in our history this one matters and this is why.