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Where do libertarians come from?

A personal letter to libertarians...

Some readers took exception to an article I wrote that asked, "Are Ron Paul Republicans hijacking the libertarian movement?"

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Florida GOP politicos experience fake epiphanies

The kingpins of the Republican wing of the OneParty Cartel in Florida were showing off their politically convenient epiphanies last week according to "The News Service of Florida" wing of the National Media Cartel.

After more than two years of fighting against implementing Obamacare Florida Republican Boss Hoggs are now saying "they need to prepare to carry out the law."

Why now? Because, following Obama's re-election and Romney's humiliating defeat, they've suddenly had an epiphany that:

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Can't tax the rich

Barack Obama has been a wild-eyed fanatic about tax increases on the "wealthiest Americans."

This constant drumbeat is just another page from the timeworn Marxist class warfare ploy that has worked so very well for so long.

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Libertarians 'are a distinct species' – and that includes men and women

After all these years, after all the attempts by both libertarians and detractors trying to explain libertarians, after battling stereotypes and pigeonholes and bogus straw man portrayals libertarians are finally identified as "distinct."

Thoughtful libertarians have always known they're not "the right wing of the Republican Party," not "socially liberal and fiscally conservative," and we don't belong anywhere on the superficial "left-right political spectrum."

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America pretends not to be socialist, fascist, colonialist

The United States today operates under a muddle of old-style European socialism, fascism and colonialism with Americanized definitions designed to hide that reality.

America's social policy, with its unending bureaucratic programs to "help" the poor, the needy, the children, the disabled, the disenfranchised that benefits the authoritarian ruling class at the expense of productive citizens is the direct result of the Democrat Party adopting and implementing the old Socialist Party of America platform along with its class warfare under the now unpopular name "liberalism."

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Memo to Judge Sarokin: Why not a free America instead?

Judge H. Lee Sarokin demanded in a Huff Post article, "I Want My America Back - not the Tea Party's America."

He wrote, "When I was a kid and we were deciding what games to play and how to play them, our slogan was 'the majority rules.'"

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Cop killers and killer cops: murderers all

In early July Kelly Thomas, a homeless schizophrenic man, was beaten and tasered to death by Fullerton, California, police.

John Bussman, a local defense attorney who has been protesting in front of the Fullerton police station claims the 135-pound man was unarmed, not on drugs, and had his throat and skull crushed by six officers after he was Tasered five times."

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Judge Dredd alive and well in Florida

In the 1995 movie "Judge Dredd," about a dystopian future, Sylvester Stallone played a heavy-fisted law enforcer with the power to act as on-the-spot cop, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner at crime scenes.

Judge Dredd seems to be alive and well today in Orlando, Florida, and rights activist Mark Schmidter knows all about him.

In January Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. issued what amounted to a personal dictate making it a prosecutable offense for jury rights activists to distribute their Fully Informed Jury Association literature on the public sidewalks outside of "his" Orange County Courthouse.

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Taxation: crack cocaine of the ruling class

After 11 years of dithering, our kinder gentler neighbors to the north decided to set up a Chinese national for torture and execution.

A Canadian court cleared the way earlier this month to extradite him back to China. After all, the Communist Thugocracy promised they wouldn't torture or kill him, even though his brother and his accountant both died in prison, so where's the worry?

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The Evil Eye: everybody tracking everybody

Are you afraid that Big Brother is secretly tracking your cell phone, snooping into your call history or spying on your email?

According to a new nationwide study by Big Brother could actually be, well, big brother. Or big sister or Mom or Dad or Hubby.

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Voluntaryists face "felony wiretapping" charges for filming in public

Two well-known Voluntaryists, Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman will have their day in court on Monday, July 18, in Greenfield MA.

The pair is facing felony wiretapping, trespassing and resisting charges.

The charges against the Liberty on Tour tandem came a year ago at the Franklin County Jail while attempting to bail out a friend.

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Atlas Mugged: big media maligns the movie

The movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is ideology.

It isn’t art. It isn’t cinema. It isn’t epic saga. It’s ideology.

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Edgar the Exploiter wants your money!

Actually, it's Edgar's creator who wants your money.

A libertarian animator named Tomasz Kaye needs your voluntary donations so he can finish his short film of freedom in time for the 2012 Elections.

The video is Edgar the Exploiter, described as "An animation showing the hidden costs of government intervention."

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The Drug War is a Race War

Libertarians need to keep pounding on the fact that the Drug War is a government instituted race war.

Criminalizing drugs has always been a means of targeting and controlling racial, ethnic, and social minorities.

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TSA banned from Seattle area restaurant?

Libertarian News Examiner reader Jason Gonella reported, "There is a story circulating about a restaurant that refuses to serve anyone employed by the TSA. That's a good start."

Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, and all the rest is disgusting but totally free choice.

And it's a matter of free choice for people – not "government" but people – to fight against it.