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Where do libertarians come from?

A personal letter to libertarians...

Some readers took exception to an article I wrote that asked, "Are Ron Paul Republicans hijacking the libertarian movement?"

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Are Ron Paul Republicans hijacking the libertarian movement?

Libertarians started the Tea Party movement and mainstream Republican Party operatives hijacked it.

Dissident young liberals started the Occupy movement and mainstream Democratic Party operatives hijacked it.

Will the Light go on for Joseph Farah? Please God, we need a miracle !

In case you wondered why the shrill tone of the punditry is rising right now they are egging you on to continue the same freedom destroying patterns they set in motion a generation ago. "You go fight the LEFT - ENVIRONMENTALISTS - FEMINISTS - THOSE GUN NUTS - CRAZY CONSTITUTIONALISTS. That is so we don't notice they are picking our pockets. Time for Coalition.