The Emerging Surveillance State, by US Rep. Ron Paul

Last month, the House amended the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to expand the government’s ability to monitor our private communications. This measure, if it becomes law, will result in more warrantless government surveillance of innocent American citizens.

Though some opponents claimed that the only controversial part of this legislation was its grant of immunity to telecommunications companies, there is much more to be wary of in the bill. In the House version, Title II, Section 801, extends immunity from prosecution of civil legal action to people and companies including any provider of an electronic communication service, any provider of a remote computing service, “any other communication service provider who has access to wire or electronic communications,” any “parent, subsidiary, affiliate, successor, or assignee” of such company, any “officer, employee, or agent” of any such company, and any “landlord, custodian, or other person who may be authorized or required to furnish assistance.” The Senate version goes even further by granting retroactive immunity to such entities that may have broken the law in the past.

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Living by the Sword, by US Rep. Ron Paul

It has been said that “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” And in the case of Eliot Spitzer this couldn’t be more true. In his case it’s the political sword, as his enemies rejoice in his downfall. Most people, it seems, believe he got exactly what he deserved.

The illegal tools of the state brought Spitzer down, but think of all the harm done by Spitzer in using the same tools against so many other innocent people. He practiced what could be termed “economic McCarthyism,” using illegitimate government power to build his political career on the ruined lives of others.

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Spitzer Resigns, Trying to Avoid Indictment

Spitzer should be indicted and prosecuted. He should not be allowed to dodge the full consequences of his misdeeds. Prostitution should not be a crime. However, being involved in some way with prostitutes makes one liable to extortion and blackmail. A man on the way to running for President in a few years would be vulnerable. He would fear revelation of dark deeds of even a non-criminal sort to his family, to his enemies, and others. He could then be “forced” to use his high office's power to end government action against someone or to generate large favors to someone