Top 3 Most Free Countries in the World

3.) New Zealand

Even though the British hierarchy is still head of state, New Zealand has worked under an independent parliamentary democracy which is led by a prime minister since its independence that occurred in 1907. A broad majority of its 4.5 million people are living in the north island, with almost one-third concentrating in Auckland. However lower density and scattered populations make for peaceful exploration of the nation’s gorgeous mountains and beautiful beaches of “Lord of the Rings” trilogy movie popularity. New Zealand had impressive growth and transformation in the following decades after its independence. The export market, filled with dairy, sheep, beef, poultry, fruit, vegetables and wine, was first debuted far beyond the United Kingdom, and purchasing and exploration were widened. Per capita income is still high and, at 7.4 percent, education payment as a percent of gross domestic product are some of the highest in the world. 

2.) Ireland

Even though it’s got a rather small size to it, Ireland contains its own cultural signature, specifically in English literature. The country’s list of popular authors includes Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde,  just to name a few. Ireland contains pure musical and folklore traditions and is also the origin of Guinness, perhaps its most famous market along with St. Patrick’s Day. It has been known as a traditional, and even as a conservative society for a very long time. Ireland’s social norms are changing, causing conflicts between younger generations and the Roman Catholic Church. In 2015, Ireland was one of the very first countries to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote. Ireland is also a member of various universal organizations, including the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

1.) Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark was first seen in the 10th century and it contains two North Atlantic island countries, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Alongside Sweden and Norway, it also creates Scandinavia, which is a cultural area located in Northern Europe. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is also known as a source of the country’s cultural and industrial hub. Possessing a population of more than 1 million people, Copenhagen is home to legendary institutions just like the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The capital  also happens to serves as a hub that brings Northern Europe together with the rest of the planet, with its well-known largest international airport based in Scandinavia, an active port, a subway system and the Oresund Bridge, which connects the city with Malmo, Sweden. Since the year of 1849, Denmark has been running under a constitutional monarchy. Queen Margrethe II is the latest ceremonial head of state and Lars Lokke Rasmussen is prime minister. The Folketing is Denmark’s supreme legislative body; its 175 members are elected by the people of the Danish descent. The Danish government is known as the most highly stable and transparent government in the world.

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