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The political scene of 2008 is devoid of meaningful choice, again. The most rational of the candidates running for President, Ron Paul, will not appear on the ballot in November. He clearly lost to John McCain, garnering barely 20% in any state primary, and warned us that he will not switch to an independent party slate. This leaves us with the hair-shirt option of writing him in for a symbolic protest vote. This may be the same as my NOTA proposition.

The 2008 presidential election may be one to just sit out. Actually, why not just stop voting forever? However, the show could be good. Politics as entertainment? You bet. Watch the candidates stab each other. Double-cross. A few jokes. Embarrassing gaffes. Outrageous commentary from pundits.

We are all probably too tired of the primary campaign for anything but a brief description of the final days. John McCain was recently declared “nominee presumptive” of the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama duked it out all the way to the Montana and South Dakota primaries, where Obama garnered enough delegates, and pulled over enough Democrat machine delegates to be declared the Democrat “nominee presumptive.”

Hillary Clinton had us all waiting with bated breath for her “gracious” concession. The fact that it came three days after the moment of her clear loss to Barack Obama invites speculation. Her campaign was merely “suspended.” What the f**k does that mean?

We will not need the jester act of Ralph Nader to yuck up the 2008 post-primary election throes. We will have the Hillary and Bill show.

Oh, but wait. Hilarity, wit and stupidity are not the monopoly of the Democrats. As I wrote recently, Clinton copied McCain's summer 2008 gasoline tax moratorium idea. Several mentions have been made of a bailout for unwise mortgage borrowers and new punitive regulations for “predatory lenders.” There are more great ideas to come, I am sure. And then there is the agenda of Mr. Obama. He is rated, after all, as the most Left politician of them all, right now. How long can he hide this?

Obama's proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy, those who have an income over $250 thousand, will garner the government a few billion dollars. Before the government delivers any of it to programs that might be beneficial to lower and middle class Americans, it will have burned sixty percent (60%). What is not seen is what those billions would have done as savings by the “wealthy” people: less investment in small companies, which create most of the new jobs in our country. Obama wants to stifle the economy, not help it recover.

But it will come out. He will be seen shifting to center and trying to capture Hillary voters and Independents. But he most assuredly will show his Marxist card.

There is talk of a Hillary and Bill Show, which will on the face of it be staged to support Obama, but will have a different aim. Hillary needs to resume her campaign for at least one reason: her campaign debt, and possibly to enhance her chances at a 2012 run.

Arguably, women have had credible candidates for president in the past. Regardless of when women's suffrage won its victory, African-Americans have had the longest wait for the vote and for their run at high office (disregarding Warren Harding). There need not be any logic to which disadvantaged group gets the first crack at it. When should Native American Indians get their shot at it? Norwegian-Americans?

We Libertarians (of the Party or outside it) do not generally care about race, ethnicity or gender in this area. We really do not even care about Party! The one likely to garner the most libertarian votes in November if only found on the ballot is Ron Paul, who is running still as a Republican. And because John McCain is certain to win the Republican Party nomination, and since Ron Paul has pledged not to run as an independent, Ron Paul will not appear on the ballot.

It remains for us to write him in for President. The result could be surprising. Now I am not 100% sure that Mr. Paul will deliver what we libertarians might expect. While he is a Republican candidate, currently a Republican Congressman from Texas , he does present the best Libertarian credentials. He does seem to be more libertarian than the LP nominee, Bob Barr. Shall we pick at nits? I did my bit, see my Ron Paul Educates! article. He may not be the perfect Libertarian, but Ron Paul, nominally a Republican, sounds more Libertarian than the nominally Libertarian Party candidate, Bob Barr. Check out where he stands on the issues.

In the meantime, enjoy the ClintObamMcCain show. Gloat over the economic nonsense they spew, claiming that the Market fails, when the real evidence shows Government is the thing that fails and causes the problems leading to new Government solutions.

We really do not need Letterman, O'Brien or Jay Leno to bring out the humor of it all. Watch the Government try to get the price of gasoline down without the oil companies passing the result on to us in higher prices again. Watch the Government bail out the lenders and “victims” of bad mortgages, only to see our taxes or National Debt burden grow larger. Watch the opponents of the Iraq war suddenly get us “invited” by Israel into a war with Iran .

A little looking beyond what is easily seen should lead us to, not only the horrible things they do not see, but also to the sad and humorous essence of all politics: the Chaos that only anarchy is supposed to guarantee.

I consider the possibility of not voting at all and consider of the NOTA option too, but if you vote, WRITE IN RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!




Yes write in Ron Paul for president! Many people by the thousands are writing his name in do it you have the constitution to back you up. He can and will win if WE THE PEOPLE get out and vote!!! We can make a difference.Please pray for God's angels to be sent out to wake up the people befor it is toooo late.Thanks

Ron Paul Write-in Vote

Please visit: Ron Paul Write In Vote .com

What McCain and Obama Have in Common

This just about sums it up. Both candidates are not qualified to become President.

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions...

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