MADD is mad

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has apparently lost their ever-loving minds and wants to eventually place a breathalyzer in every vehicle.

They obviously don't understand the concept of, "Innocent until proven guilty."

Hey MADD! Driving drunk is NOT a crime! Causing damage to others is. You kill someone; you go to jail for a LONG time (not this cheesy 3 years for Manslaughter). You run over someone's building, you replace it, fix it, and generally make it all better to include payments for loss of use of the building.

I'd rage on about the loss of our civil rights, but Homeland Stupidity has already done a fine job of it.

Lew Rockwell's article Legalize Drunk Driving back in 2000 also does a wonderful job of articulating my position.

For further debunking of MADD, see:
Responsibility In DUI Laws: They have a nice article where they show that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not collect information to determine the actual cause of the crash or the fatality. Which if you piece that little factoid together, you realize they can't, without out right lying, provide numbers for "alcohol-related" accidents. Articles: NHTSA admits their data is misinterpreted and The truth? NEVER !.

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Stop trying to outlaw the symptoms and suppress behavior!

I have often been frustrated at the Governments attempts to curtail our
freedoms. I recently saw MADDs attempts to put breathalyzer in all
cars. That got me thinking, there HAD to be someone out there who was
against such attempts. From seat belts, to airport security, to speeding
tickets and parking tickets... I wish special interest groups were not able
to impose their morality/opinions on everyone, in the name of the public
interst. It's a dangerous world out there... I'll admit. But deciding what
is in the 'public interest' and curtailing our freedoms for our 'own good'
has to stop somewhere.

If anyone was really serious about all the issues out there, they would be
looking for root causes, and not just trying to outlaw the symptoms and
suppress behavior!

I guess I just saw something good in your web site. Look forward to reading
your newsletters


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We can agree on a few things

I agree MADD goes too far. I also agree that it shouldn't be illegal to drink and drive. It should be illegal to run people over and illegal to purposely damage other people's property. MADD is trying to punish symptoms of discontent rather than find the reasons. I want to fight MADD, but at the same time I know that is all they want--attention. They have decided to become bullies because they feel bullied. I know what it is like to feel bullied, but I suggest that you don't win when you become the enemy. I stop now.

Fighting MADDness

While I'm not condoning drunk driving, The consequences are getting out of hand to where they are violating the Eighth Amendment to the constitution of cruel and unusual punishment. My main concern are the new laws such as in Colorado where a repeat offender can no longer be allowed to keep his paying job (when an employer will keep him), even when he can get transportation to and from work without having to drive. MADD doesn't care about the innocent people they are harming such as the innocent families of the offender who lose income from a provider of the household, which can drive them into poverty, or the employer who loses a valuable employee, and a taxpaying citizen loses his ability to contribute taxes to society.

MADD has become a revenge oriented group, not so concerned with stopping drunk driving, as they are getting revenge against people for deaths or maiming that occured by a certain person. They blame all drunk drivers for their personal loss. I never injured anyone in my offenses. Why should I be treated like a murderer for someone elses situation? Each case should be viewed individually, and if no one is injured, The penalties should fit the crime.

Penalties for DUI that completely destroy the offenders economic, social, mental & emotional life are no better than any death that occurs from DUI. In fact, they can be worse, because they can make the offender being better off dead.

I totally agree and am

I totally agree and am wondering if there are any serious groups who are working to overturn some of the policies MADD has worked to implement. I grew up in the '60/'70's and the law was too lenient, but it has gone the opposite extreme to the possible mental/emotional detriment of many young people. Surely we can stop this insanity!!!

if you find a group please let me know

or lets start one

lets get back our rights

Drunk Driving is not right, but what is Drunk Driving?
MADD has gone way too far, we (the people) let this happen and we (the people) can get them back. There are more social drinkers then MADD,
1. We need to start a grassroots movement
2. There are a lot of anti MADD groups, we need to get together and form one,
3. Get our rights back,
But I dont even know where to start, any help please reply

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