If I were President for a day

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The first thing I would do is to abolish the special IRS tax courts. Then I would order the ending of income tax withholding, because it is based on the presumption that someone has a higher claim on my income than the fact that I earned it.

I would announce in a speech to the American people that they should, when serving on a jury, remember the right to nullify any bad law, because it is an age-old right of juries.

Then I would offer all gun-owners in the country an executive clemency for carrying a hand-gun, and order all BATFE personnel to sit at their desks and do nothing, because everything they do is in violation of the Second Amendment.

I would also order every government employee to write a report justifying their jobs, because they need justification.

I would recall all American armed services troops who are stationed outside our borders, because they have nothing to do with defense.

I would then abolish the authority of the Social Security Administration to collect any “contributions” and shut down the agency, and would issue an executive order that everyone will be issued a credit for “contributions” already made, a credit against their future income taxes. This is beause Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

Government-owned property, lands and unused buildings, will be sold on the open market to reimburse other persons who are no longer liable for any tax, such as retired persons, for all of their Social Security “contributions.” This is because the earnings taken could have been invested in S and P 500 index funds earning almost 10% per year, which would have been worth over one million dollars per retired person, instead of a couple of hundred thousand.

An executive order would be issued to declassify everything that has anything to do with UFOs, Project Blue Book, swamp gas, the bizarre incident at Rozwell in 1947, and so on. This is because government has little if any need to keep secrets.

I would issue an executive order to abolish all the stupid regulations about politically correct toilets. This is because “Political Correctness” must be a matter of free choice, not of legislation.

Federal support for “reformulated” fuels, but still allow farmers to sell their alcohol from corn, and allow them to do so in their own filling stations. This is because the free market works better to direct capital to the most productive uses.

Establish December 15th as Bill of Rights Day. This is to enable everyone to remember their liberties.

End the War on Drugs. This is because prohibition perversely never works. It always makes things worse.

Forbid payment of any government funds for abortions. Every woman who might become pregnant would think more carefully about preventing pregnancy if she knew she would have to raise the child or pay for the abortion herself.

Abolish the DEA, FBI, BATFE, and CIA. This is because these agencies do not secure our liberties, but rather threaten them.

Declare a Constitutional Emergency, suspending a long list of laws and regulations doing the most damage, and offer clemency to all who may have violated them. This is because it might inspire the repeal of many bad laws by juries or legislators, laws that do more harm than good, destroying liberty instead of securing it.

I would end that day by recommending that everyone read "Hope" by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith.

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So you would abolish the

So you would abolish the IRS? Would that include state and local taxes? Methinks those would rise DRAMATICALLY in order to make up the federal government's contribution to things like schools, roads, emergency services, etc, not to mention the things the federal government funds completely like the Coast Guard, etc. Would you want to do away with the EPA and FDA too or where do you suppose we get the money to pay for those? We've all seen lately what a good job the corporations do in protecting the consumer when left to their own devices (witness the lead paint on toys fiasco).

Yeah, abolishing the IRS makes a flashy talking point but it's usually supported by people who haven't thought the ramifications through. The thousands of sheep following Ron Paul have no idea of the quagmire he would create if he were to even one or two or things he proposes like abolish the IRS.

The whole "I shouldn't have to pay federal taxes because it's my money and they're not spending it the way I want" argument if flawed on sooo many levels. If you don't want to pay taxes, then don't take advantage of ANY of those services and protections your taxes pay for. No calling 911. No partaking in the public water supply. No going to a library. No sending your kids to a public school or even a private one that receives any sort of government funding. The list could go on and on and on.


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Scotty, I think the issue

Scotty, I think the issue here is the federal government is spending money on things it has no right to be involved in.

I'm not a supporter of Ron Paul, but he's right to criticise the way federal government is getting involved in areas where it has no constitutional basis to do so. You highlight many of them yourself in your reply.

With all due respect I do find liberals are quick to criticise conservatives for bringing religion into politics or otherwise encroaching on the constitution. Yet they're slow to recognise their own "social equality" programmes are equally unconstitutional. If Bush's actions are so wrong perhaps the Democrats need to look at the Pandora's box THEY opened.

You'd be a real tough

You'd be a real tough president. It's interesting to see how many people don't like the IRS.

Good Post.

Good Post.

Jury nullification

Jury nullification...an interesting concept. I do think that ordinary citizens often have more common sense than so many of our lawmakers.


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Were I President for a Day

I would abolish the state itself and allow the people to fend for themselves.

Were I President for a Day

State laws would be pretty much beyond the president's reach. The IRS should really go immediately, but executive orders would be limited to chomping at the bits around the edges. Congress would need to step in to complete the deed. Forcing IRS legal disputes into the regular courts (as well as requests for wire-taps) would be a good subject for such orders.

Believe me, I would go as far as I could go. The initial actions would have to demonstrate just enough that the office means business. This could encourage the other branches of government to go along.

Abolition of the State is more than one person can do, though I would do it in a blink if I could.

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