Supreme Court Justice Appointees

Saturday Night (7/2/05) I spent most of the night listening to the American people's discussions on the appointment of another Supreme Court Judge.  As far as our American opinions go it comes down to whether the Government has the right to step into our personal choices or whether the individual still keeps his freedoms.

The American people demand that these decisions be made by the Federal Government as the states are not to be trusted.  We have three major decisions resting on whether the Feds tell us whether our Universities or Corporations can or cannot use Affirmative Action in building their student body and employees.  They have already handed over Hate Crime Legislation away from the States and given it to the Federal Government.  The War on Drugs is another decision that is totally directed by Federal Authority.

The War on Drugs has developed into a huge expensive division of the Federal Government, that while trying to control the sale and use of drugs, has cut into the freedoms of Americans who have never used or sold drugs.  It has also ignored the main source of drugs in America by allowing the importing of the drugs over our borders.

American search and seizure laws have been changed drastically giving the Federal Government far more impact on the American people than was ever considered legal by our founding fathers.

The major threat at this time for all Americans are the possible Constitutional Amendments prohibiting Gay Marriages, Abortions and even the research done with Embryonic Stem Cells.  These three threats against individual freedoms were a large part of President Bush's campaign in 2000 and again in 2004.  It is no secret that anyone nominated by President Bush will promote these Amendments basically because they were promised by him prior to both elections.  I can only think back to the last time an Amendment to the Constitution was passed that removed the rights of the American public and that was the 18th Amendment that prohibited the use and sale of Alcohol.

The 18th Amendment gave the Federal Government the authority to rip through the Constitution and search and seize private property to such a point that the largest criminal cartel ever in the history of our country developed.  Prohibition made multi-millionaires of Americans who defied the government's right to prohibit anything.  When the 18th Amendment was repealed this same cartel turned to drugs for the building of their wealth.

What these prohibitions demand will build a Police State within the Washington D.C. area that will take the War on Drugs many steps further into our personal lives and I have to ask why this is necessary.  Are Americans so totally ignorant in the development of their lives that we are requesting a government of total protection to keep us from hurting ourselves?  Are we out-of-control animals and simply wards of the government to be directed from the crib to the grave?

Have the citizens of America forgotten the core of the U.S. Constitution that gives us freedoms and civil rights higher than any country on the planet?  Where does this demand for authority come from?  What influences our American families that would force them to demand Federal authority?  Is it the Churches who have given up guiding their parishioners to live their lives under higher ethics and morals?  Is it the Schools who have decided not to touch the laws of the founding fathers asking individual moral laws be developed by the people?  Is it the family unit who is too busy to teach moral values to their children and want the government to set their family values?

Why are the American voters so eager to hand over their personal choices to a body of corrupt politicians to tell them what is wrong or right?  That is the core of my discontent!

President Bush has made it very clear that his appointees for Supreme Court Justices will be "Conservative" choices.  I read this as meaning more personal choices will be removed from the American citizens and the Courts will take over how we are born, who we are allowed to marry, how many children we have, and how we are allowed to die.  Religion will be taught in our public schools as an academic subject but that will be the only item of discussion over the quality of the schools themselves.  To me this is the most insulting attack on our individual rights ever imagined by any President.  But it seems as if this is what the American voters want.

What has happened to the American spirit of self pride in our American Freedoms?  Have we fallen into a total lack of family pride?  Have we given up the control over our homes and children?  Are we unable to set the moral standards for ourselves and our children to the point that we have to check the Supreme Court before making a single simple decision?

Who are these American voters who have given away their rights as individuals over to a President who has not proven to be above the law?  What has guided them into this desire for complete control?  Do they come from the great religious right citizens who have never voted before their ministers demanded that they vote for Bush?  Were they threatened by more terrorist attacks if they didn't vote for this great "Conservative" president?  Are they the force that will remove many articles of the Bill of Rights to guarantee that Americans live under biblical laws instead of our Constitutional laws?

Will all women be registered with the Federal Government when their tests prove they are pregnant?  How else can they be controlled?  Will they be allowed to travel to other countries for a legal abortion?  Will we see dogs trained to sniff out a pregnant woman at the borders and airports?  Will the FBI take on the registration of all pregnant women and go through her trash looking for any indication of expelling an unwanted fetus?

Giving the Federal Government this kind of control could very likely start another group of states to leave the Union.  I would be in favor of this action as I would never live under the kind of Police State the Conservatives are requesting.

Why can't the head of the households set prohibitions for their family members?  Don't blame this on the lack of men in the homes, because I know of millions of single mothers who set the standards and demanded they be followed.

I feel America is at the crossroads of our future.  I wish I knew how to shake up the American family into thinking and deciding for themselves on their own individual values.

Are we sheep?


Sandy Price

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