Is Capitalism Dead?

We are approaching another birthday for America and from my point of view; things are looking mighty damn bleak! My American flag sits on the wall above my desk and I usually tip my first cup of coffee of the day to her honor! Why then, am I so depressed this morning?

I'm not into symbols or icons especially those of religious meanings and tend to rely on America's history of success in representing freedom for all of us as my altar of worship!

Okay, I bought into the fraud of a Las Vegas resident who claimed to have heard a broadcast on his cell phone that the terrorists might be headed for Las Vegas over the fourth! This upset me as my daughter and her husband will be celebrating the fourth at Luxor! Apparently everyone is a comedian by spreading rumors and planting pipe bombs in many of our mailboxes. Why?

What ever happened to the "togetherness" that used to be such an important part of our country? What has caused this mean streak to surface here in America? Don't we see enough blood and violence from the Middle East or even on our borders with Mexico?

Here's the future as I see it. American capitalism is dead! We had it for over 225 years and it made America the best country in the world, right? Why couldn't we keep it? What destroyed our free market concept that lead our country into the best and most profitable country in the history of the world?

Many people will say that God is dead in America and that did us in. Many will say that Liberals with their desire for socialism did it! Many will demand that America be declared a Christian nation and all things will automatically be fixed! The question is, what do we do with non-Christians and atheists?

Everybody agrees that unless we immediately give up our Constitutional freedoms, we will end up killing each other!

America is so far gone that I can't see a single thing that can be done at this late date to stop the madness. We have seen massive corrupt actions allowed from the boardrooms of our largest and most successful corporations. Their lobbyists have corrupted our federal legislators with their money promises that have, in my opinion, taken the clout out of all of the house/senate and white house occupants. This is not a partisan problem but a corrupt political acceptance from all sides.

Money has been the power behind much of our legislation since 1776 but never have our elected officials been so quick to be bought! That seems to be the problem! Have we successfully elected our representatives knowing in advance they have their basic price clearly worn on their sleeve? Must we see so many who have sold out our security for campaign funds? This has become such an accepted part of our elections that people like Clinton and Gore don't even attempt to hide it!

I wear a single icon around my neck and it is a dollar sign ($) and it stands for Capitalism in America. Since the exposure of Enron and a hundred other corporations who have taken advantage of our capitalistic principles and run our economy into the ground, my little gold dollar sign has lost its shine.

We have seen our security procedures compromised for campaign dollars and our federal intelligence organizations are now no longer taking the responsibilities for our safety.

Our news sources are filled with lies and rumors and we have no clues who to trust for our information. I learned years ago never to look to Washington DC for the truth about anything! Our Justice Department and Supreme Court are running on empty as far as the rules of the Constitution go. This leaves us zero to go on! Somehow logic and reason are no longer a valid part of Washington DC's plans. Spin, lies, covering the asses of the party members seem to be the only rules that are constant in the last 40 years. These are the new trinity that we are all being forced into buying.

We have few choices left in America since our morals and economy are now at a new low. Obviously we need more government control! Yikes, I can hardly type those words as they offend me so.

The social conservatives want America to be a Christian Nation. Okay, let's suppose they get their wish. What will they do? Naturally there will have to be a list of sins immediately legislated to keep us from harming ourselves and our souls. God will have to be included in our classrooms and our legislative decisions (to hell with the Constitution). Only Christians will be allowed to be part of the Supreme Court and then nobody will ever argue about anything again. The Federal government will be the heart and soul of our country and only Christians will be allowed to migrate to America. Lovely!

The Liberals will want the stock market to be under 100% control of the house and senate and no conservative will ever be elected into office again. I mean, hell, it was the conservative element that ruined our freedoms, right?

The Liberals don't care if God is involved or not because they knew that greed long overtook the church's influence anyway. The churches are only concerned with their 501(c)(3) tax exemption and hiding their clergy from child abuse charges. They will behave!

The American people will revolt under either program and the United Nations will be called in to bring peace to our country just like Bosnia!

What can we do? How can we stop this assault on our freedoms? How can we restore the virtues that formed this country without arresting and booking 75% of our elected officials? Will we have to resort to truth serum to get people like John Ashcroft to tell us the damn truth about this latest Clinton expose that he claims is free of wrong doing?

Will we need these drugs before we can go to the ballot box and know we are voting for an honest man or woman? We see these candidates put their hands on the bible and take an oath to God to protect the Constitution. Outside of drugging the bastards, how can we ever trust them?

Do we continue to allow our officials to buy their votes by trashing our immigration laws? Are we so involved with the Arabs that we daren't hold their filthy (oiled) feet to the fire? What's the matter with Bush? Will he allow another attack on America before someone tells him that the butler didn't do it, but the Arabs did?

Is Washington DC a shadow government being directed by the International Bankers who are planning nothing less than a One World Power Group?

We Americans must either give in and allow Washington DC to run our lives 100% or stand up to these manipulators and demand honesty and truth! Are we even capable of understanding the truth any more?

I took my gold dollar sign into the jewelry store yesterday to get it polished up! Maybe things will look better by the fourth of July!

Is American Capitalism a thing of the past? I'm afraid it is!

Copyright © 2002