Hounding Obama Nation – Part 1

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He committed to limit campaign spending by public matching funds for the presidential election, which would have limited the amount he could spend, and that he then reneged on his promise in June.

He promised to stop smoking cigarettes. With Barack Obama readying himself to take on what will be quite a high-stakes and stressful job, are we sure we actually want him to quit smoking? “The nation is too precariously balanced right now to risk having him burst into tears, or march off in a snit, or take to his bed with the glums,” suggested an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times over the New Years weekend.

He promised to hold open town hall meetings during the campaign with John McCain. Then he reneged, because of the huge inflow of contributions.

Here is a list of more promises broken (before his final website promises were posted) at Capitol Hill Blue.

What a political candidate says ought to mean what he really expects to get done if elected. What a winning candidate says needs to be what he will do. The country should always be able to count on that, especially when we are in trouble. And boy oh boy are we in trouble, with seven percent going on nine unemployment, the stock market as barometer, says we are losing real wealth to the tune of 35%, inflation resulting from the massive credit injections and fiscal stimuli will surely run close to ten percent, GDP is probably minus two percent. A scene needs to be set where we know what to expect.

Promises must be kept. A steady hand is needed. We need a President who appreciates the self-healing capability of the economy. We need a President who corrects his promises when those promises work against individual rights.

This author doubts that President Obama will stick to his plan and live up to our expectations. Continuing the current uncertainty will prolong the recession. Those doubts will remain, unless we can work together to hold Obama's feet to the fire, to hold him to his word, except for where his plan strays from the legitimate role of government – protecting individual rights.



Peter says:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions...

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