Leave the United States if you can

It is time -- arguably, it is past time -- for you to get your family and your wealth safely outside the borders of the United States. America has become a police state that is moving quickly toward total surveillance and, in typical American fashion, the resulting society will almost certainly be the "the best and the biggest" tyranny in the world.

Make plans right now while opportunities still exist to secure your wealth outside of the authorities' rapacious reach because that door of opportunity may be slammed in your face in the near future. It is not merely that government at all levels is starving for the cash that's dried up from property taxes and, so, will steal and confiscate like a drunken highwayman. Many factors point to rise of the Total State, which will grind up your freedom, your future and the lives of those who resist.

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[Edit 2011-12-07: If you want to go the full 'stateless' route, see: Mike Gogulski's nostate.com]

Jumping ship

I am one of those Americans whose family, from both my mother and father's side of the family, came here from England in the 1600s; my mother's side were amongst those with Capt John Smith and founders of Jamestown. Let me go on to point out that I am a Veteran, as are my father and son; we are family from a long line of Veterans and Patriots, or at least that is what I once was.

I now find myself living in a country where liars, cheats, thieves and murderers control and dominate all the Federal and State Government Agencies; where I am more likely to be murdered by law enforcement than some drug crazed criminal and am having sodomites and Slick Willie Types shoved in my face and down my throat daily. Let me cut this part short by simply stating that I believe the worst to be true...9-11, Oklahoma, Waco, the Court System, Prison System, Military Complex, Media and maybe the worst, this God Damned Federal Reserve are all the enemies of the "Republic" for which me and mine have stood.

Let me go on to add that if you think I am a nut job; this is a nut job with and Engineering Degree and MBA who has run as many as 4 Savings & Loans before these F--kers gutted us.

So okay, I think America Stinks from the Top Down and to be more frank, many so called "Americans" stink as well and from my perspective, many of you are the immoral mongrel hordes...the "Ugly Americans" in every sense. However, I don't altogether blame you and this generation of Divorcees and Whore Mongers; the Wealthy Elite have worked hard to turn you into a bunch of gutter rats and now point the finger saying "See, this is why we must do what we do".

Well okay, this is how things are and I want to take my family and leave but where is the best place to go? Where can I transfer my wealth and not be robbed? Where can we go and not be reached by this murderous bunch of criminals? I will pay IRS whatever it wants and am willing to buy my freedom since apparently each and everyone of us owes from birth and I am not interested in arming to the teeth only to be murdered by the so called law enforcement. I want to leave the right way. Who do I pay off? Which Officials? Would it be a good idea to hire some ex-Attorney General,Politician, IRS Official or all the above? Where do I go and to whom?

Any suggestions? Suggestions of where to start?

Please excuse my typos,

Major Karma

[Great comment. --MJ]

Potential ex-patriots

Please leave, as quickly as you possibly can. May I suggest some enlightened societies you might like? Maybe Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Columbia?

I hate this country more every day!

South Africa is incredible. I would love to move there! The only thing keeping me is that I would miss my friends and family. I really do hate america and what it has become. We are all slaves.

Siberia, Siberia and once

People, Siberia, Siberia and once more - Siberia! Did anyone read Edgar Cayce's predictions? It is the safest place in the world with world's 30% or more freshwater reserves. Don't be scared, you'll get used and language is something everybody can learn. It is the world's most untouched land and good people and resources

Problem of all Americans is that many have a narrow view and are not ready to accept the opportunities and the fact that future is in Russian Siberia. Language is something anyone can learn, which is no problem, i believe. How did I learn English, while being 'Russian'? Easy! myself! Good luck to everyone! :)

I would like to hear more of

I would like to hear more of your insight into Russia i would also love to leave this place :)

what should i try to do for

what should i try to do for money there, or should i be ready to live off the land?

Siberia ? Well, the woman

Siberia ? Well, the woman are beautiful, but it's too damm


SIBERIA ----------------------- YES!!
















Siberian farms

May I ask where and how I can be apart of this community in siberia?

leaving america!

[And some comments are so strange, you have to let them through. --M.J.]

Leaving America is in the cards! I'm tired of being hassled by the man! Since modernity has brought about "the man" being a gender bent computer fiend and media hyper-naut and any person . Who has a job that requires them to open every door for trans-gender and trans-humans (which is everyone) there is no where to enjoy life. I'm disabled and there we go again with a whole slew of topics I could be probed for. I should work, I'll should smoke, do I need more treatment....how about a robot suit from China so I can work....to any end America is DYING to get every person that does not live in California "on track" to go there. So, leaving the USA sounds great! I'm tired of staring at t.v. or as I like to call it "the California box". Race relations are still invasions and no matter what you're under attack constantly! No room for friends in the cross-fire ready society of America! Go to the gym-you must be horny! Horny- you must be a pervert! Artist-you must be shallow, deep, educated, or old. It's a mixed up state these states breeds one that has stifled me my whole life. Land of the free what? Home of the brave why? Oh, I'm disabled....I forgot I live free and die hard. Get me out of here! I'm tired of being neo in the matrix where my life is racially motivated and my true love is a manly white cat woman with dream guns that's always about "to die" and I have to morph into fantasy hero typecasts to save the world. Plus, everybody is lying constantly. It's all because America is AFRAID of religion or militant in saying it's NOT which means it is....but it's not investing or investigating and then there's religion itself....the program of the tech-savy. The ultimate system is another system. Another family. Another conduit to track the individual. Track and kill the rebels (who are really the equivalent of the religious workers themselves) leaving only the familial server/servant of....the historical government that still allows all "sins" and supports America and everyone else...which proves its fake and trapped trying to better end it's debacle of how to "end" the bad matrix and the good matrix sound more appealing and find mates for performers....uh, I mean "ultimate believers"...this gamer based world is just sickening. Any opinion is a spider-spit pivot-point for the function conjunction. You can't have an individual opinion without a fantasy or a memory...which involves other people. So, those are your followers if you don't like people. They lock you into groups. That's how they promote the brokering. One jesus among every ten people. That's power in America. I'm a perma-christ. Cool but not visible enough to be heard or to tell on these fakes. It's obviously bogus. One nation under a past...which is the future....of a nation of states...which are not yet to be.....uh, guys I think we should not tell anyone we are still fighting and just say we won and this is the "us" but I don't how we are going to cover up this civil war thing...seriously they fought all that time and then said it was about slavery. It's always got to be union-sized and based on some foreigners who are literally so uninvolved they are living-dead. America is a fraternity. That's it. Community fraternity competition. Whoopy. That's what tv is too. It's controlled by watchers who sit around burning up chemical allusion from home. Answering questions. Making attractions. Giving directions. Promoting bad nutrition. Stalling the health industry and getting more socially savvy than anything else
Learning to break laws. Learning to hurt each other for protection using their mouths and minds and nature. Destroying and distorting reality. Creating lies and selling them. Distorting inner dialogue as if there were such thing. Selling religions and extorting copy karma. "See sir you're the Bruce Springsteen type personality and since Bruce is occupying that space you can't but guess what he can represent you! There's a Jew, black, Indian, Irish and even an old beat-nik and post in a hat and boots! So, YOU can wear shorts and sandals!" American lies from religious errors from mock-observance of nature. Buy your healthcare via brain inducement. Believe your life away. The truth is life is for those who do. I wish I enjoyed something but no! I don't get that Charlie Brown life I was promised. Not since charles Manson was reincarnated as George Harrison, sweetend, stabbed, then spiritualist as a victim and killed with cancer. But your yellow sub marine short today or die of colorectal cancer! Even if you don't smoke! Own some secret today to win! Also, send money and help I am trapped in America a p.o.w. of every political confinement. Destroyed by government/public works. My name is sperm because I am the complete value of life but I am under the thumb up the nose on the bridge between the eyes under the brow of the scalp of America and the world. Hurry before they get me to the mouth of some drooling baby and I am consumed by the religious regime represented as education based on. The conceptual ballast of mind control in the place of a skull developed to harness the attention of men and connect them to women to build lives of fake interest and governmental displacement into notions of other countries as other American citizens and adventurers travel or live abroad and verbally have a relationship with spouses,wives,girlfriends, lovers of puny worthless americans literally physically in the presence of remote viewers constantly. So, technically I'm not disabled...I'm a optive comm-link conduit for abroad-ers and the wealthy enough to travel. In other words my life is a telemarketing experience. I can have my penis in a woman who is fuelling the rage through relational communications of a prize fighter, politician, or commando. What's the point? Nothing. Just to ruin the sum total of life and possibility of joy. Equal rights. I smell them.


hi,me and my family my husband and our 2 sons which are 7 months and 1,really want out of the states soon as possible I know what its headed for we have always dreamed of having a commune living off the land .please if you could please give me details about how we can join the commune and more info please I don't want me and my little boys to die here thank and God bless.

Moving to Sibiria

I'm an American who left and now I live in Canada. But I don't think Canada is far enough away. Are people really moving to Sibiria? Can you sustain yourself there? Your very brave to pack up and move. I would love more information on Sibiria and these farms if you wouldn't mind.

Thank you,

I feel the same way. I wish

I feel the same way. I wish that I could leave the USA for good. Very unfriendly and very ignorant so-called people!!!! Corrupt politics!!!! Corrupt public education!!!! Corrupt everybody and everything!!!!

Hello my friend I'm not from

Hello my friend
I'm not from your country I'm from middle east, as you hear there is war all over here in this area, plus insecurity, terror, corruption... I could go on and on till tomorrow. If you talk about your gov here the way you guys do out in US you won't last a day, you'll be vanished and no one will never know where did they took you, If you ignore HIJAB(that black thing that they make people to wear) you would be (Sangsar) it means that bunch of priests and religious people will burry half of your body and then they throw stones at you till you die, if get caught by police with your gf/bf walking in a park or a street you will end up in jail and will be held there for at least 6 months, you do the math for more than just walking with your gf/bf, here you can vote but your vote will end up in city dumps and if you are not happy with the results of the referendum then you are accusing the gov of being corrupt and you will be labeled as a rebel and they will hang you just as easy, you can google every one of my tells and see it for yourself... just search "year 88 in iran".in here you are not allowed to leave "ISLAM"( the forced to believe and obey religion), and if you do leave it guess what? the gov will kill you in the name of god and in exchange for the reward of being in heaven forever after death. the worst part is that the world thinks that you are terrorist and they won't even let you in to their country just to visit your relatives, buddy I don't know much about your country and I can imagine according to your comments that it's not as great as it seems from outside, but hey look around and see the world, Ebola, civil wars, hunger and droughts, I'd be grateful for what I have if I were you. sorry to bother

Inspiring comment

I find your post to be very interesting and sincere. You sound like a good person. I am sorry that you don't have the freedoms, these ungrateful fellow Americans of mine,take for granted. I wish you could trade places with them. You live in a constant war zone. And yet, you aren't complaining about how awful, your life is. You are simply educating these people of the reality that could await them. And how they should he more grateful.

It's really easy to believe the grass is greener. Most people will take things for granted. Until they finally see the rights/life they once had, is gone. And now they live in a worse situation. And oh how they long for the simple things.

The United States has its good points and negative points. It's far from perfect. But it is probably one of the better and safest countries out there. I met a man from Spain. He told me, in Spain there are no opportunities available to you. If you grow up a farmers child. You are going to become a farmer and so on etc. If your family is rich. You will be rich. In North Korea, those people are fed so much anti world propaganda. They believe their dictator is GOD. And the healer of all. When in reality he's an evil dictator. Who believes in ruling his people and not allowing them to think for themselves. Will kill citizens who don't obey. Or send them to prison work camps. Were they are enslaved. And aren't allowed to leave their country. Not for a vacation or something like that. The country doesn't have the ability to feed the citizens. There are many other countries like this. They are oppressed and do not have any freedom and most of all, a CORRUPT government. You think the Russian government is better than the American? You need to research and educate yourself on that. Or you will have a rude awakening.

I hope all you Americans who hate our country. Will get your dream to leave. I sure as hell don't want you here. You are such babies. You won't be happy anywhere. You will never see the good in any situation. You will always blame someone else for your unhappiness. I want you to trade with all these oppressed people in other countries. Who wants better and will not take their life's for granted. If you don't have the wherewithal to see how lucky you are. Then I wish you farewell. Hopefully the U.S. Government will terminate your citizenship and keep you from entering again. I hope you try a communist country. You'll get your feel of government control and corruption

Our Numbers = Redemption

Well said my friend!... That being said, we are all on the verge of the nwo. May join together as one!

When we hate, we lose our unique intelligence to solutions

I love all the sincere outspoken americans. Without knowing you are showing the good side of America via your answer. This is the funny part! Now, as slaves we are to get together to undo the master minds game. You, me and a bunch of us can get the chains broken. By the way! Who would think that blacks will be in the White House living Dr. King's Dream? So, despite of all the bad going on, I, as an immigrant who reads America History see the light at the end of this confusing America time. You are one of the bright light of this dark tunnel. I am so happy you are alive!Let your mind flow, and you will be able to change America to a much better stage.



Mike, I just came across

I just came across this website because I'm starting to research the idea of leaving the US. I noticed you posted over a year ago from the time I'm writing this. The US has been getting pummeled by both the leftists and the corporatists for decades but on Thursday June 28th, 2012 it received a sword through the heart. It will limp on until November when we find out if it's finally killed off.

You mention South Africa. I don't know much about South Africa, but I have heard that some parts have become dangerous. I heard that Johannesburg is extremely dangerous. What do you know? Have you learned any more over the last year? Just trying to get some ideas.

I hope all is well with you.


Leaving America

I have been researching immigration to another country. It is obvious you would want to choose a country that speaks English ,even as a second language ,as you learn theirs. I have heard very disheartening stories about South Africa....violence IS on the rise and big cities are not safe. I was considering Ireland but the economy tanked...t the present time I have on my list the following:
1) Costa Rica
2)New Zealand
3) Austrailia
4) Scotland
5) Italy
6) Sweden
7) Norway
8) Denmark
9) Switzerland
Of course you must think about employment and the skills each country would require. I would consult with an embassy close to you and ask basic questions. DO NOT BE NAIVE about where you want to go to.......just because this country has become Socialistic and heading to Totalitarianism....it is NOT WISE to just jump into it. BE WISE in your decisions by getting info as quickly and sufficiently as possible. Plan your "escape" in secret! Do NOT tip your hat in any way that you want to leave for good. Move your monies, once you have decided on the best place for you, into the country of your choices banks. Look into how the dollar is compared to the common currency in that country! DONT UNDERSELL YOUR DOLLAR!
These are simple but time consuming tasks that will make your escape better. I too am leaving this country...I have no family nor any ties. The emotional tie will be the hardest to sever.......but FREEDOM is a yerning of the human spirit and WE ARE NO LONGER FREE in the USA. sTAY CLOSE TO COUNTRIES THAT ARE FRIENDLY TO aMERICANS.....AND WITH THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION, MANY COUNTRIES HAVE LOST MORE RESPECT FOR aMERICANS. bE SLY....not stupid or haphazard. Remember too...if things go bad quickly you can get to the Canadian or Mexican border quickly....SECURE YOUR PASSPORT...MAKE IT CURRENT! It may be best also to just get VISAS and go sit it out in a country that requires very little from the US Citizens......that is an option. You can look for work there. I do not reccomend Mexico. HIGHLY DANGEROUS! Canada is the best escape route....if you can work your way up to hop across to Iceland then you are not far from sailing into England.......Scotland preferably. Just random thoughts on my mind...I have a Plan A, B AND C. You should too! My best my friend!

Hay mate, i reckon New

Hay mate, i reckon New Zealand, i mean im from here, prices are gong up, but every country is the same i guess. but i think as much as we dont like things that happen here in kiwiland, people here are still lovely and friendly and we always have our arms open, our home is your home too. Sing out if you need help

kind regards

New Zealand

I'm looking at New Zealand myself. I studied their system. They are the least corrupt country in the world and from what I can see like the way it's operated. I'm trying to get over there under the work to residence because I have a skill in high demand in New Zealand. I love America, don't get me wrong but would like to move abroad.



Me, too!

I wish I were going with you! Unfortunately, due to the economy and unfortunately, my lack of preparation - I have no monies to move or to live on. I have been reading a lot about leaving the US and wondering if any options are open to someone who is essentially broke?

For a quick move

I would say make contacts on twitter with People in Canada. They speak English and it would be easier to find a Job there. Of course you will Need a US passport.

Leaving is easier than you might think.

Teaching ESL is a good way to gain entry into many countries and all that is required is degree in something and citizenship in a country that speaks English. Twice, going to Korea, my airfare was paid so all had to do was show up. My apartment was also provided in both cases.

Move to Port Vila, Vanuatu,

Move to Port Vila, Vanuatu, it’s safe and simple and a tax haven.

what about canada ???

what about canada ??? it is the nearest and safest country i guess ? :o

My best friend is living in

My best friend is living in the US and maintains dual citizenship.
Her sister was in a horrible car accident that literally crushed her face.
She had to wait 2 YEARS for surgery!
It was my first choice and first crossed off the list.
Always be sure to check healthcare and gun laws is my priority.

i think i should go back to Canada, i am scared of the usa

i moved to the usa with my parents, there were 10 of us kids, i was born in Cape Breton, glace bay. i want to return to cape breton asap. i have a permene green card in the usa, we moved here in 1959. i don,t like how the USA is going, things are pretty bad here. i do not have much money, i will need some HELP. i am 65 and make good ssi, but, most go out to bills and living expencives. sorry about my spelling, i am still a Canadian..... is there any HELP i can get from sources in Canada? i am very scared here, i know that Canada is the safest place to go and the USA is going down from what i see.

Moving back to Canada

Hi, I'm an American now living in Canada and I will never move back to the US. If your a Canadian is advise you to sell everything you can and move back to Canada.


What did you have to do to

What did you have to do to move to Canada? I am so afraid in the US and for the future of my children. I can't sleep at night I am so worried. Everyone keeps telling me things have been like this forever, just live your life. From what I can tell things are getting worse. Reading all of these posts just confirm I am right and I need to take action sooner rather than later.
Canada was my first thought, but I have no idea how to go about it.

Me and my husband are

Me and my husband are praying about getting our children out of the United States. Is winter in Canada really six months? We don't really care for cold weather. Any insight about Canada would be much appreciated.

Hi Shelly, Do you have any

Hi Shelly,

Do you have any info on how/where is a good place to move to in Canada? My wife and I are planning the move out of the US. I am starting on the passports. Are their any communities that are a good place to consider for Americans moving to Canada?

Best regards,


Costa Rica - warm, friendy and safe

I live in Costa Rica and [feel it's a] Paradise on Earth.

Warm, friendly people, no military, Universal Health Care, low taxes, beautiful beaches, year around growing season, no heat or air conditioning. What's not to like?


I say it is time to open our

I say it is time to open our eyes ,we need to take back what was suppose to be of the people for the people,not of the rich and wealthy.bring the whole deceased thing down.we the people have had enough.


I really enjoy reading all of your comments, they provide me with insight as well as a brief comfort of thinking I was alone in my feelings of being. CONTROLLED.!! It has gotten so ridiculous that I find myself in idolation.It has taken part of every aspect of my life from family to my children to my education and non stop survailance. I I. have had enough of this bullshit and because I am financially kept broke I will disdappeat into the woods to find solace and live off of the land! By the way, try hzving an internet that never works, a mother who always lies a helcopter that flies over your roof close enough you could touch him. ,,, nineteen. Times an hour. a college that charged you 1.900.00 for three classess because you haven't resided here for 12 months...etc...etc...Idont mean to bitch but theesef$%&*- bastards have theyr'e hand in everyones s&*- but theyr'e own and its about time that ' We The People" startbeing just that instead of ' Wr The Puppets" UNITED WE CAN STAND" Sincerely.,..Callender:)

I agree. The world as a

I agree. The world as a whole needs to be a free place that allows everyone the right to the way they would like to live.


Saudi Arabia? Are you serious?

Saudi Arabia has got to be the number one worse place on earth to go to. It is a radical Wahabi country that treats women as second class citizens. They are not even allowed to drive cars! The women wear that horrible spooky black (like death) shrouds in public. Saudi Arabia allows only Muslims to become citizens. It is on the list of the most intolerant countries in the world.

Reality of living and working in KSA

I agree that Saudi Arabia is one of the worst places on eath to live / work. Not only does it oppress women, but it also executes people for reasons we would never consider.

Foreigners are the usual victims. A typical accusation is sorcery. Very recently, an Egyptian Pharmacist and an Indonesian woman were accused of sorcery and beheaded. Easter of 2009 or 2010, a Jordanian TV star went for Hajj, was accused of sorcery and nearly executed. Fortunate for him, there was a world outcry. I saw this on CNN. Don't ever go to KSA to work or to visit.

women are property and are

women are property and are not allowed to drive

Actually, I love Colombia. I

Actually, I love Colombia. I will move there. Compared to the U.S. the economy is not the best, but is much better than other South American and Latin American countries. Also, compared to the U.S. it is a poor country, but people live happy and at least the middle class and up live much better than here now that the guerrillas are technically gone (to the borders of Venezuela where Chavez protects them).

you probably do not what y a talking about

I just moved back here after 39 yrs in the US. This country stinks!!! my mother is termilly sick, the health system is the wors and there is no jobs.

Belize or Gutemala?

Would appreciate info on these two places. Want to get the hay out of dodge! Would like to hear from visitors and people who live there. Would like in a smaller community not the city. What about property, medical, jobs etc. Thanks

Belize or Guatemala

I have lived in both. I am a Canadian. The language barrier is big if you go to Guatemala and you will have to negotiate hard to get the local price on everything. After awhile it gets to be a pain having to negotiate for everything, meanwhile the local person next to you pays half the price. And I mean everything from carrots, to beer, to taxi to everything.
Belize can be expensive if you go to the coast. But I chose to settle in Benque Viejo, a small quaint town close to the border of Guatemala and 5 minutes outside of San Ignacio.
I love it here. Super cheap to live. (3 bedroom house rents for $200.00, and local grown food is delivered to your door. It is safe to walk outside day or night. Locals are super friendly and everyone speaks english. A growing expat community of Cdns/Ameri starting to discover here.
You can live like a king on $800.00 a month. The fact that Guatemala is so close, enables you to get products that the rest of Belize cannot get. (brands of wines, potato chips, car parts,special cheeses and all the other yuppie things we might miss at home. I have travelled extensively Belize and looked at Corozal, Punta Gorda, Belmopan, Caye Caulker, Placencia etc and this town beats them all hands down.
Available houses in Benque are selling for 60-$70,000 for a lovely 3 bedroom with porch, exotic hardwoods, ceramics etc etc that we would have back home.



That's great great answer!

The Very Best answer I ever heard ! Good Job. But you forgot to tell this "Gentleman" or Englishman that he can start this process by just book your fly tickets ( one way) to these countries that you just mentioned (Maybe Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Columbia), and don't worry for anything else as you don't need to hire anybody to process you. Because you decided to move for good, the process will start and finish without doing anything and you intend not to come back to US. Am I wright ?!!! So, your US Citizen Status will end for period of time ( I think in about 3 to 5 yrs.) So why you are bothered, just leave and go! You buy new passport to these countries!


What if you only have 8k in savings, and a dog. Can you still get up n go? Will they come for you in Colombia, after 90 or 180 days. Will one be in hiding for rest of life?

I agree with you 100%. I am

I agree with you 100%. I am fed up with the usa and there beliefs.I am trying to salvage my firearms and sharp-shooting and trucking business.I go from charging the same price for guns as other gun dealers to charging only $5.00 over my cost and i lose customers.If i could get a job and place to live in Europe Asia Russia I would leave in a heart beat........

I agree

I agree 100%. Born and raised in the U.S. and have seen the people fall victims of their own greed and selfishness as they sucum to the corruption of this government. From the golden rule to the bumper sticker that says "He who dies with the most toys wins" this country has degenerated into a Godless, hateful, greed based, ugly demented cess-pool of fat, lazy, self-seeking degenerates that make dogs look more attuned with the concept of humanity. And it is in it's final days; for that I'm glad. Otherwise if I could afford to get my family out of here today I'd already be gone.

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