No Need for Tolls, Texas A&M TTI Report

Well, I said it over two years ago, "We don't need tolls and the toll plans are just a money grab by corrupt politicians." It is nice that the Texas A&M’s Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) has now released a report that backs up my claims and ends up with the same 'bottom line' I did then. It's also most humours that the TTI is sometimes called Perry's lapdog. So, Gov. Perry, your dog bite you in the ass? You not feeding it enough pork?

Happy Corruption Ya'll,

MJ Taylor


Contact: Terri Hall, Regional Director, San Antonio Toll Party

PHONE: (210) 275-0640 EMAIL:terri@satoll[don't like that spammy feeling]


A&M Report: Don’t need to raise gas tax; don’t need tolls

Texas Dept. of Transportation overinflated “needs” by $30 billion;

Pulls rug out from under pro-toll arguments

Austin, TX, December 13, 2006– In a stunning admission that  
increasing the gas tax and tolls are NOT NEEDED for future  
transportation projects, a Texas Transportation Institute report  
called “Shaping the Competitive Advantage of Texas Metropolitan  
Regions: The role of Transportation, Housing & Aesthetics” affirms  
what San Antonio Toll and citizens groups across the state  
have been saying. The report discussed in testimony before the House  
Transportation Committee also revealed that the Texas Department of  
Transportation (TxDOT) over-inflated their “funding gap” figures by  
$30 billion.

“This is proof positive that we DO NOT NEED TO TOLL ROADS or raise  
the gas tax AT ALL much less $1.09 a gallon (as TxDOT claims) in  
order to fix our roads and keep people moving. It’s TxDOT who lacks  
credibility, not the folks who have questioned TxDOT’s figures and  
brought their misstatements to light,” says an elated Terri Hall,  
Regional Director of San Antonio Toll

The report further bolsters the grassroots movement taking hold  
throughout Texas which are working to promote non-toll transportation  
solutions and rid the state of the controversial and detested Trans  
Texas Corridor.

“The second most important thing to take away from this report is  
that TxDOT and the road lobby have been doing fuzzy math and  
prosecuting a propaganda campaign to mislead the public into thinking  
there’s a transportation funding crisis that can only be solved  
through tolls under the control of foreign companies. The Texas  
Transportation Institute (TTI) is like the right arm of TxDOT and for  
them to come out with this information further shreds TxDOT’s  
credibility and puts a nail in the coffin of TxDOT’s shift to tolls,”  
explains Hall.

“Our Legislature cannot ignore the TRUTH and FACTS this report  
reveals and we believe they’ll finally take action to rein in this  
out of control agency that has purposely inflated their figures to  
push an agenda against the public’s best interest,” Hall contends.

With several toll roads set to go to contract in early 2007, this  
report certainly gives citizens the ammunition they’ll need to keep  
TxDOT’s version of tolls from coming to San Antonio and elsewhere  
around the state.

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List of Texas Toll Projects (partial):

Trans-Texas Corridor, Addison Airport Toll Tunnel, Dallas North Tollway, Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road, Hardy Toll Road, International Parkway, Loop 1 (MoPac Extension), Mountain Creek Lake Bridge, President George Bush Turnpike, Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway), State Highway 45, State Highway 130, Westpark Tollway

Nazis called CAMPO members Nazis

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Subject: Your position on tolls is crap
From: Dick [email address deleted]
To: from Reason to Freedom [email address deleted]

Dick sent a message using the contact form at

Last night at the Campo meeting your fellow Nazis called CAMPO members Nazis. You and those who support you are dead wrong about tolls. Tolls are the fairest way to solve the god-awful traffic probs we face in Austin every day. Increasing the gas tax won't result in roads built fast enough. Gas taxes never have.

Regarding fairness, why should I, and drivers all across TX, pay for roads we'll never use but you and your fellow Nazis are using or expect to use while paying no more than non-users would have to pay for every gallon of gas they buy? With prices now ranging from $2.00 - $3.00 per gallon, any increase in taxes would harm all of us more than you self-serving hypocrits who would benefit from our paying for your roads.

Get real. The age of "free" roads in the U.S. is over. If you use it, pay for it. If you don't want to; don't use it. It's really quite obvious except to the Nazis.

Best regards,


Re: Your position on tolls is crap

Additional reply from Dick, who doesn't seem to fully read the response(s) given before adding new comments. Last courtesy post.
MJ?, Linda?, Sal? Which one of you called someone a Nazis? Inquiring minds would like to hear your response...

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> Dick,
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> >
> as that page seems to already answer your objections.
> Staff
> from Reason to Freedom

Dear Respondents,

My daughter's an Aggie so I have some respect for the institution, but considerable skepticism when it comes to its public policy positions. Generally the faculty and student body are pretty right wing though my daughter and some of her peers graduated with their commitments to social justice and the public good intact.

Like many people engaged in debate, the folks in the no-toll crowd reached their conclusion and then started looking for "evidence" to support that conclusion. Luckily, the A&M study came along just in time to help them. However, what really drives their argument against tolls is that they want everyone, via gas taxes, to pay for the dramatically improved highways that will make the connections to entirely brand new tollways as cheap for anti-tollway folks as possible. We all get to pay for their convenience. Of course, that's also traditional highway financing in the U.S.

Today, new roads have to be built far faster than ever before, and those who have financed and built toll roads to date in TX have already PROVED they can do that. They've done it in Dallas, Austin, Houston, you name it. Toll roads, the new way, solve traffic problems while the old way leaves us coping with ever more deficient transportion options.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my initial email and to read this one.



Dick,do you actually live in Houston? I do and tollroads haven't solved a thing.The tollroads are just as full and unmoving at rush hour as the freeways are.Tollroads also cost more than freeways to build.No matter what all the pro-tollers say,taxpayers pay for toll roads one way or the other.
Most of the tollroad users(business' and wealthy) deduct the tolls from their taxes when they itemize.Who pays for those deductions,Dick?Toll roads and freeways are BOTH the old way.
The only true solution to Texas' and America's traffic and pollution problems is High-Speed Commuter Rail.
High-Speed Commuter Rail will move ten times the people,twice as fast,in one-fourth the space,at one-third the cost.(And I am NOT talking about the Trans-Texas Corridor)
Can you follow those fractions,Dick?
Gasoline will eventually run out,electricity never will.

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