About Us

The idea for this site originated from the desire to provide a unique forum for examining and discussing philosophy and politics.  Our roots are unabashedly Randian (0bjectivist) and radical libertarian, and, accordingly, the basic premises of the from Reason to Freedom site are as follows:

  • Existence (reality) is objective, it is what it is, independent of human consciousness.
  • Reality is comprehensible by human reason, which is the faculty that perceives, identifies, and integrates the material of the senses.
  • Just as reason is the means to knowledge and, ultimately, survival, it is the foundation for life-furthering value judgments.
  • Human beings are ends in themselves, not a means to the ends of others; they live for their own sakes, and seek their own spiritual fulfillment and happiness, neither sacrificing themselves to others nor sacrificing others to themselves.
  • The community to be cherished is voluntary. No one has the right to initiate force against or aggress upon another, and the only valid function of government is to prevent and remedy aggression and adjudicate civil disputes.

But the point of the site is not simply discussion and examination, but advocacy.  At this first decade of the 21st century, we are in a position to help determine the future.  from Reason to Freedom intends to lend a strong voice to the humanist choir singing the gospel of our highest spiritual fulfillment through mindful gathering and release of creative energy.

First, practically, the state will go away, to the eternal reward of us all.  We will tend to our own self-improvement in cooperation with others learning to do the same.  In technology, we will extend our individual lives in time and vigor, as we extend our consciousness and bodies into colonization of the solar system, then the galaxy.  These extensions of life will soon become natural to us.  The expansion of the rational and benevolent human spirit throughout the cosmos is our ultimate goal.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to use the power of the reasoning mind to establish a free and benevolent society, a society in which we are proud of one another as thinking, courageous, cooperative human beings.  We wish to:

  1. provide a forum for ideas to guide us toward a future in which human happiness is normal
  2. share experiences that shed both light and warmth on the human condition

Humanity has immense potential.  If we work intelligently for a better society, it will be ours.

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